Make flashcards! Study efficiently! Usable anywhere!

By: Hunter Stachnik

Huntingtown High School

Quizlet is a very useful online learning tool

-Mobile Version
-Fast and Easy to use


-Can be made very quickly
-Create study sets for all classes
-Add and edit them easily


-Numerous study games to help you learn the content
-Traditional flashcard studying method available
-Favorite the ones you get wrong and you can focus studying on those separately

Why is Quizlet useful?

Quizlet is useful for high school students because it is easily accessible. The app can be downloaded and has all of the same features as the non-mobile version. Students also do not have to take the time to make real flashcards anymore but still learn just as well. This mobile version also helps studying because you don't have to dig through your backpack and pull out papers anymore. They could simply pull out their phone, open the app, and study for a while.