NCE's Media Center Minute

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Let's Get Appy!

Wednesday, Jan. 21st, 7:30am-2:45pm

Counselor's Classroom - unless directed otherwise

Classroom teachers received a survey from me two weeks ago. In it I asked for input on topics you would like to know more about so I can plan my Wired Wednesdays to be as beneficial as possible.

I've looked at the results so far and and there were many requests for more useful apps and websites. This week I will be introducing some apps, websites, and add-on's that you might find useful in the classroom. We will also work on sending apps to the tablets and Chromebooks for students to use.

Classroom Teachers:

If you did not fill out the survey you can still access it here:

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Teacher Book Fair Preview

When: Friday, January 23rd, 7:00am - 3:30pm

Where: Library

Stop by the book fair for a sneak peek and fill out your classroom wish list. Teachers who stop by and complete their wish list will be entered into a drawing and four lucky winners will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to the book fair! So take about 5 minutes from your day and pick 2-3 books that you would like to have in your classroom.

From 3:00 - 3:30 we will have Mary Beth from Scholastic here again!! She will speak with you about new books, the scholastic app, and other interesting topics. If you come to the after school event you will receive a 2nd entry into the drawing plus the opportunity to nibble on a few snacks!

I will announce winning teachers during morning announcements the week of the book fair, January 26 - February 3!!

Texas Bluebonnet Voting!

This month 3rd - 5th grade students who have read 5 or more Bluebonnet Books (and passed the AR test) can vote on their favorite one!

Encourage those students who are close to reading 5 to reach that goal before Friday, January 30 when voting is over.

Students will come to the Library during their Specials time the week of January 26-30 and will be able to vote then.

If you'd like for students to vote in your classroom or if YOU would like to vote visit the website below:

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