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About Egypt

As you can tell, Egypt is a very successful/important country, so it is important to know what is happening there. Egypt has very vast deserts and plateaus that take up most of Egypt. Egypt is also in the middle of exporting and importing goods, which is very important. They export natural gas, petroleum, lead, and limestone. They import fuels, and wood. Finally, a lot of people practice their religion of Sunni Muslim, which is practiced by over 95% of the country.

What's happening in Egypt


Silt, small particles of rich soil, is very good in Egypt, and Egypt is very plentiful of it. Because Egypt sits right next to the Nile, the water gives very good silt. This means that they have very good crops, and plentiful food.


In Egypt there are many Bedouins. Bedouins are nomadic desert people of southwest Asia. They live in the desert, and usually divide into tribes or clans and share a common culture of herding camels and goats. They also love to dance and play instruments. Believe it or not, they even classes that teach tent knitting and playing traditional Bedouin musical instruments.

Egypt's main crops

Egypt's main crops is sugarcane, grains, vegetables, fruits, and cottons. They have a lot of crops because of the good soil they have. The soil they have is silt (very good in nutrients), so they have very good crops

Facts on Egypt

If your curious about Egypt, and want to learn more, then you came to the right place. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians buried their kings in a pyramid, and that would replace a tomb. Also, historians have found over 130 pyramids in Egypt! That's a lot of pyramids to build by hand! Finally, girls AND BOYS wore makeup during in ancient Egypt a long time ago, and the boys even wore jewelry.. Crazy!

Sahara Desert

As you can tell the Sahra desert is very dry and humid. The Sahara Desert stretches from Egypt westward to the United States, and is about the size of the United States! That's huge if you ask me! Because the Sahara Desert is so big, a lot of it is in Egypt, so that's why Egypt is so hot and dry.