Biology 30

Mobile Apps


In this module we were asked to find 5 apps that support mobile learning and provide 5 examples on how they can be used. Here are my 5 examples:

5 Apps that Enhance Personal Mobile Learning:

Anatomy 4D

Anatomy 4D is a free app that allows students to view the inside of the human body via a three dimensional learning environment. This can help students understand how systems in the body look and work together. This app is great for biology students who need further explanations about the body systems,
Introducing Anatomy 4D -- daqri

Alphabet board

Alphabet board is an app that helps children in kinder garden and grade one learn their letters. This app associates letters with sounds and also promotes reading and letter recognition. The letters are very large and easy to trace. Fortunately this app is only 99 cents and is has greats reviews from their customers.

Math Pro

Math Pro is a free mobile app for students grades 5 to 12 and teachers. Teachers can create student circles, provide immediate feedback for assignments and review student reports. Math Pro can provide extra math worksheets for students who need more practice with solving math problems. It also saves the students work and solutions for later review and keeps track of their scores and progress. Math Pro engages students to learn and grasp difficult math concepts while providing feedback and worksheets.


Elemental is a free app that allows students to draw molecules and sketch chemical structures with ease. Students can practice drawing molecules and calculating chemiformatic properties. Students can even tweet their structures or email them to their friends. There is also a built in periodic table in the app to help students draw their structures. Teachers could review these structures to ensure that their students fully understand the concept of chemical structures, This app was created for highschool students.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts is an app that provides inspiration for students who are writing poetry. When asked to write poems many students have trouble thinking about topics to write about. Writing prompts provides students with 6000 different prompts to help them discover ideas and to be creative. This app can be used for students from grade 6 to 12. Unfortunetely this app is two dollars.

My biograohy

My name is Emma Bessette and i am a preservice teacher in my second year at University of Alberta. These are some apps that i may potentially use in my classroom one day. Hopefully i will be done my education degree in 2016.