Cougar Athletics

Middle Tennessee Christian School


A new era of MTCS Athletics has officially begun and the future is looking bright!! Cougar Volleyball is fighting for one of the top spots in District 1. Football has rebounded with two very convincing wins outscoring the opponents 96-14. Soccer is regrouping and readying themselves for the tournament. Cross Country has seen some big improvements in their individual race times. Golf won the Stones River Invitational and looking to continue the momentum in the district tournament.

In the Junior High, Football is fighting for a championship game appearance. Volleyball is continuing thier great run from last year. Soccer is improving each game. Tennis has also looked good this fall.

Last but not least, the cheerleaders have done an exceptional job this fall.

Great job coaches!! Keep up the good work!!

Athletic Team Gear Worn to School

I met with the secondary students today to re-emphasize the school dress code. Most of our kids are doing the right thing. However, some are slipping in their willingness to follow the school dress code. Please help me stress the importance for our athletes to be the leaders of our school and do what's right all the time. I will begin cracking down on the habitual offenders which some of them are athletes. Thank you for helping me clean this up so that some of your athletes don't miss practice for after school restriction.

Athletic Dress Code for Fridays

1. Athletes may wear "team issued" shirts or jerseys on Friday only during that sport's season.

2. Everyone must wear the same "team issued' shirt on that day.

3. Shirts and jerseys must be tucked in their school khakis or kilts.

4. Athletes may also wear "team issued" pullovers on Friday only.

5. Hooded sweatshirts are never allowed.

If you have questions about "team issued" or any specific/particular language, please contact me ASAP.

We want our student/athletes to feel pride and community about the sports they represent but please stress with your athletes that if this is abused and becomes a problem, we will suspend the privilege.


We are making a change in website companies. We are changing from Big Teams to VNN. After several customer service problems, we felt that a change was needed. VNN not only offers a better product with easier score reporting for coaches, but it is also in the long run cheaper. The Booster Club has provided this service for the Athletic Department for the past few years. We hope to reveal the new site in the next few days. Stay tuned for details.


The more you hear of Marcus Mariota the more you have to like this guy. In a league with too many over-inflated egos, Marcus seems to be the real deal. This past week there was a twitter post about Marcus being a servant leader. I wanted to share this with you. The NFL's declining viewership might improve if they highlighted more of the good guys like Marcus.

"Last year there was a rookie who didn't have a car," said Ben Jones, the Titan's center. "Marcus found out and he'd drive the rookie back and forth. Even after games, we'd land late at night, he'd go 30 minutes out of his way."

Who was the rookie?

"He didn't make the team," Jones said.

"His leadership is absolutely amazing," backup quarterback Matt Cassel said.

Mariota has a habit, Cassel said, of getting guys to do things. In the middle of this August, Titans players were roaring and ready for a training camp off-day. As soon as their meetings the night before are done, they are gone. "Everyone's in a rush to get out," Cassel said. "There's these folding chairs in the meeting room that weren't put away. Marcus walks in the back of the meeting room and starts folding them up and going and helping somebody who [would have to do it]. There is no other player who is doing this. I'm ready to get out of there, and I see him and I'm like, 'Oh, OK, I'll help too." Other players followed suit.

Darnell Arceneaux, Mariota's high school coach, said there was a tradition at St. Louis High School in Hawaii in which the lowest quarterback on the depth chart would pick up equipment after practice and carry it to the locker room. That tradition stood until Mariota wouldn't let anyone else pick up the balls and cones at practice.

"So we've got this guy who has already committed to Oregon and he's bringing in as many footballs as he can," he said. "It was amazing."