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I will be setting up meetings after Fall Break to discuss one-on-one our Athletic Purpose and Expectations. The primary focus of the meeting is to discuss your how you are or how you plan to implement our expectations to our players, coaches, and fans. We will also go over our evaluation process this year. Please take some time to think about and be prepared to discuss how you plan to carryout our athletic purpose and athletic expectations.

As I have stated at several of the parent meetings, we are doing a lot of great things in athletics, but we can always do better. Thank you for all you do for our school and student-athletes. As always, please let me know if I can ever help.

Jason Piercey

Athletic Director

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A few years ago, Joe Ehrmann, former All-American and NFL player, wrote a best-selling book titled InsideOut Coaching. The book outlines the differences between "transactional coaches" and "transformational coaches". InsideOut Coaching will make you take a close look at yourself and why you coach. I highly recommend the book for those who are interested in improving as coach.

In the last few years, Joe has founded the "InsideOut Initiative" and just recently has partnered with the Tennessee Titans, TSSAA, and TACA to reclaim the educational purpose of sports in school communities across Tennessee. The InsideOut Philosophy focuses on the purpose, power, possibility, and privilege of leading and coaching. It requires educational leaders, athletic directors, coaches, and school communities to take an in-depth look at four key questions:

  • Why do I coach?
  • Why do I coach the way I do?
  • How does it feel to be coached by me?
  • How do I define success?

The growth and development of each student's human potential can only be fostered if the adults who are in charge are aware of and intentional about their transformative purpose.


Please address this again with your teams.

Most of our kids are doing the right thing. However, some are slipping in their willingness to follow the school dress code. Please help us stress the importance for our athletes to be the leaders of our school and do what's right all the time. I will begin cracking down on the habitual offenders which some of them are athletes. Thank you for helping me clean this up so that some of your athletes don't miss practice for after school restriction.

Athletic Dress Code for Fridays

1. Athletes may wear "team issued" shirts or jerseys on Friday only during that sport's season.

2. Everyone must wear the same "team issued' shirt on that day.

3. Shirts and jerseys must be tucked in their school khakis or kilts.

4. Athletes may also wear "team issued" pullovers on Friday only.

5. Hooded sweatshirts are never allowed.

If you have questions about "team issued" or any specific/particular language, please contact me ASAP.

We want our student/athletes to feel pride and community about the sports they represent but please stress with your athletes that if this is abused and becomes a problem, we will suspend the privilege.


Coaches i am sending you a recently updated Emergency Action Plan for your sport. Please take some time to look over and familiarize yourself with these. I will be posting the updated plans soon in press boxes, concession stands, etc. Take some time to think through the "what ifs" emergency situations that you may be called upon to make a split second decision. I will will be getting with each winter sport head coach soon to discuss each sport's EAP and make sure everything is covered.

Please remember last year with the help of Officer Meeks, we have decided to change a few game and facility management procedures.

  1. We are closing the cul-de-sac during practices and games from now on. Please help us by moving barricades in place and asking any who has pulled in there to move their vehicle.
  2. We are not allowing any cars to be parked in the entrance to the softball field. Please help us by closing the gate and asking any who has pulled in there to move their vehicle.
  3. We are not allowing any cars to be parked in the grass near the tennis courts. Please help us by asking anyone who has pulled in the grass to move their vehicle.
  4. We are not allowing any cars to be parked in front of the varsity gym. Please help us by asking anyone who has parked in front of the varsity gym to move their vehicle.

**The reasoning behind all of the procedures is to ensure we are able to get an ambulance and possible fire truck as close as possible in the case of emergency.

Athletic Booster Club

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