Technology class

By: Logan miller

typing web

* Every morning you would do a warm up of five minutes of typing.

* In this class you will learn the computer ways better than you already do.

* I learned a lot of new things this class is really fun.

* we also did a lot of projects that you get graded on but trust me they are fun.


This year we did coding witch is a online site that a lot of people use to get better at computer programming. and there is a bunch of codes you can do like flappy bird, minecraft, angry birds, plants vs zombies and much more.


In Itrailer you have to create a trialer about whatever fake movie you want to advertise and then you have to create it and turn it in it is really fun and alot of work.

Explain Everything

when you do Explain Everything you have to choose a math problem and then you have to solve it either by audio that comes with Explain Everything or the camera app.

Haiku Deck

With Haiku Deck you have to make a presentation on what you want to be when you grow up. and you have time at home and time in class to do it.

Career locker

This is a job site were you explore what job you can do and how well you do in it and you can read on your job. there is some games for some jobs and they are really fun.