Syrian Refugees, Need a home?

Come on down to the Sovereign United States of Harry

Location and climate

We are located at 0 degrees longitude and 75 degrees latitude very cool and dry snows very often.
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There was already 100 natives and they are very friendly and can't wait to have new neighbors. The encouraged religion is The Church Of Harryology but you can you have your religion without being persecuted. Our education is free and all schools teach Harryology, we have "relocated" some of the best educators from the Far East. We don't have a main language but the most spoken language is Arabic


our government is a Unitary Theocracy. All of your basic rights will be determined by the church. The constitution is based on the teachings of The Book Of Guidance "The religious text of Harryology.

Flow of power in Government

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We are very big in meat packing and fur distribution. We are mixed leaning more towards market. We are very big in socialism,our currency is the Euro. We have one trade barrier with the U.S. because they encourage free religion and we don't support that.

Military Power

Our Military is among the best of the world, better than Uncle Sam's and the Great Colossus of the South. Joining our military benefits you and your family because we will provide you with a free education and housing along with all the glory and light that you shall bring upon the world.

The flag of the Sovereign United States of Harry

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