Causes of the American Revolution

Kelsey Nussbaum 1763-1776

Navigation Act

The British wanted to put Mercantilism in the everyday lives of the colonists. Trade could only be conducted with English or colonial ships. Also the colonists could only trade with colonies within the English empire.
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Proclamation of 1763

The proclamation was created after the French and Indian war. It was to prevent the colonists to settle west of the Application Mountains to prevent staring more wars with the Natives. The colonists didn't like the proclomation because it prevented the to settle on land that they just fought a war for.
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The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act put a tax on all paper goods. It was created because Parlement was still paying off debts from the war. The angered Samuel Adams and the Committee of Correspondence and they started to boycott all of the manufactured goods. King George lll appealed the Stamp Act after the Stamp Act Congress how only the colonial governments should tax the colonists.
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Quartering Act

After the Stamp Act protesting started, England sent more soldiers to the colonist. The Quartering Act said that colonist had to shelter and feed the soliders. The colonists weren't liking how not only di they have to feed and pay for their own families but now they had to do the same for the soliders.
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Townshend Act

The Town she'd Act taxed tea, glass, a d paper. The daughters of liberty started to make their own clothes because of this. In 1770 the act was repealed but tea was still being taxed.
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Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre started when a colonist and a solider were arguing. Samuel Adam's response to it was propaganda. While his cousin John Adam represented the solider in trial.
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Tea Act and Boston Tea Party

The tea act was when colonists were only allowed to buy tea from British East India Company. The colonists didn't like it because they were forced to pay income tax. The Sons of liberty dressed up as Indians and dumped 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harber.
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Coercive Act

The colonists called it th Intolerable Act. There could be no trade between Boston and Britain and no town meetings and England had a stronger hold on the colonies. The colonists be a mad because without the Boston Harber, it was hard to recieve imported goods.
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American Revolution

The American Revolution is when the colonists decided to fight back against Britain. The Stamp Act, Quartering Act, and the Coercive Act were some of the economic policies that led up. I think that the colonist were justified in declaring independence.