Feed 256-276

John Paglia 4/22/15


57.2 %

After escaping to his room from Smell Factor, Titus is greeted by Violet. Violet asked if he was going to join her in the mountains but Titus had no idea what she was talking about. The two of them soon find out that Violets chat is not working anymore. At the end of 57.2 % Titus agrees to go to the mountains with Violet.


After a night out on the town, Violet and Titus return to their hotel room and get a little intimate but Titus is distracted by the fact the Violet will die soon. Once Violet figures this out, the two of them get into this big fight. After truly discovering their feelings for one another, they break up. On there way home in the upcar, Violet starts to loose some of her mobility. When Titus arrive at Violet’s home, him and Violet’s father tries to help her out of the car, but she refuses both of their help.


Titus receives a message from Violet the next day saying that she was sorry and she wanted to talk.

Literary Lenses


  • Violet is in control during most of the chapter.
  • Titus is just a bystander to Violets' actions.
  • -"'I reserved a room,' Violet said" (Anderson 264).
  • Violet is independent
  • -"I told my dad I was going to a friend's house. He doesn't know it's you" (Anderson 259).
  • -"I'm going to the mountains. You can come if you want" (Anderson 258).


  • The characters depend so much on the feed for communication
  • "'Now. For the weekend. Didn't you get my message?' I shook my head. 'Oh,' I said. 'No' (Anderson 258).
  • "'I sent you all these memories. I sent you hours' worth'" (Anderson 258).

Essential Question

How has technology changed our communication?

  • Technology has allowed people to communicate with one another much faster they previously able to.
  • Text messages and emails allow people to send information about almost anything.
  • Anderson uses technology to an unimaginable level
  • Anderson states, "'Didn’t you get my message?' I shook my head. 'Oh,' I said. 'No.' 'The other night?' 'I guess not.' 'Or the memories?' I said, 'What memories?' 'I sent you all these memories. I sent you hours’ worth'" (Anderson 258).

Discussion Question

Violet accuses Titus of ignoring the reality of the world, do you think Titus as a teenager should be up to date about world problems and global issues?

Work Cited

Anderson, M. T. Feed. Somerville, MA: Candlewick, 2002. Print.