Stonegate Staff News

April 8, 2016

Staff Recognitions and Celebrations:

  • The office would like to thank Ms. Ligon for being our translator. We appreciate you helping our parents!!
  • Sarah would like to thank everyone who is participating in Enrichment Clubs. She would especially like to send a HUGE thank you to Angela Fincher for organizing all of the student data! Thank you to Rebekah for organizing the student forms, Rita for completing the confirmation letters and Windy for creating the signs for the first day! What an awesome team!!!

  • Talana would like to thank the following staff members:

    • Windy for graciously relocating while we tested in her room

    • Shannon V. for administering a make-up test at the last minute

    • Teresa for translating to a parent: Merci beaucoup !

    • My office staff for all of your help during our first round of testing by helping alleviate some of the stress, always asking me if I need help with anything, and throwing chocolate at me when I seem overwhelmed (I don’t thank you for the calories and extra weight! J )

    • Thank you ALL for being so flexible and supportive during testing season. You’re the BEST!

  • Gena would like to thank Shannon V. for helping with decorations for our Reading Oasis.

Reminders and Things to Know...

  • Please remember to have your lesson plans prepared and on your desk before you leave each Friday.

  • Be sure your classroom is clean and organized each day before you leave. Please make sure things are not cluttered.

  • Your Dating Matters/Suicide Training certificates are due to Frances by April 15. Please turn in both certificates and sign the sheet in Frances’s office. Follow this path to get to the videos: HEB curriculum: Training: Compliance Training I Fall 2015

  • Monday, April 11 can be a jeans day! Your team gets to decide what kind of shirt to wear. For example you all might wear a sports team, the same color, Stonegate shirt, spring shirt, etc... Be creative and have fun! We will call this "Team Creativity Day."

Ideas for the Classroom


The classroom is bursting with energy as students rapidly “Mix” around the room, “Freeze” in their tracks, and frantically “Group” to avoid falling into the lost and found.

Setup: Students stand. An area of the room is designated as the “lost and found.”

  1. Students “mix” around the room.

  2. Teacher calls, “Freeze,” and students freeze in their spot.

  3. The teacher asks a question about a topic they are studying. The teacher gives time to think.

  4. The students group with students they are close to and kneel down.

  5. Students in their groups discuss a question provided by the teacher.

  6. The students not in groups go the “Lost and Found” and have a discussion together.

  7. The teacher can have a whole group discussion to discuss the answer if desired.

  8. Once students know the game, the students in lost and found may be the ones to generate and ask the next question. After they ask the question, they rush to join a group.

Weekly Quote...

Be the kind of person who leaves beautiful footprints in the hearts, minds, and lives of others!

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Important Dates...

WEEK OF APRIL 11 (summatives this week- You will receive an email for your date and time)

Book Fair begins today
Team Creativity Day- Read the "Things to know" section

SSI Reading Training @ PMC
District visitor on campus
Math CBA 3 Analysis- 2nd
Enrichment Clubs @ 3:00

Math DBA analysis- 6th, 3rd, 4th
Detention- Killip

Faculty Meeting @ 3:15

Failure Forms Due
Fun Friday
Science DBA analysis- 5th



Reading DBA- 2nd
Enrichment Club @ 3:00

Report Cards go home

PK Parent conference day 10:00/12:00

District visitor on campus

Pep Rally @ 2:00
Employee Banquet @ 7:00 PM


Reading DBA analysis- 2nd
Enrichment club @ 3:00
Detention- Cayce
CBA- Social Studies- 6th
May STAAR training @ 3:15

Positive Office Referrals...

Week of April 18

Week of April 25