3K News!

Week of 9/15-9/26


9/23 (Tuesday)- Individual Picture Day! and Dine Out For Tatem

9/24 (Wednesday) - Rotary Club Visits our Classroom

9/25 (Thursday)- School closed for Rosh Hashanah

Thank you so much for attending back to school night. It is such a treat to meet all of you and I know that the students loved sharing their work and their classroom with you.

In case you couldn't make it, or you want to see it again, I have included our "Important Thing about 3K" video. Enjoy! (Password: tatemtigerpride)

Tech Writers

Wednesday was our first day of Tech Writers! Tech Writers is a year long program where the 3rd graders enter a Kindergarten classroom to take on the role of teachers, mentors, and leaders. The 3rd graders will collaborate with the kindergarteners to brainstorm, plan, write, edit, type, and illustrate stories throughout the year. This is a wonderful learning experience for all of the students!

Writer's Workshop

This week we began writing our first story in Writer's Workshop. This is a true, small moment story that we will develop into a finished piece of work. We learned how it is important to rehearse the story before we begin to write. We also learned how important our lead is to our story, to really grasp our reader's attention. We created some wonderful leads using dialogue, description, action, and onomatopoeia.


This week we started our Science unit about space! Today we learned about how the Earth orbits the sun. We talked about how the Earth rotates once a day and how the Earth revolves around the sun every 365 days. We even practiced being the Earth and orbiting around our "sun!"