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September 25, 2020

A message from your Proud Principal


Message from your proud principal
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In the 2020-2021 school year, 75% of students in grades 1- 5 will earn a score of Proficient or Distinguished on the ELA and Math Unit District Assessments. 75% of students in Kindergarten will read on or above grade level at the end of the year.

This goal is based on the continued implementation for ensuring ALL of our students are proficient with grade level AKS. Since we are no longer administering District Assessments (Pretest, Interim, Mid Year, Interim, and End of Year), we are using the District UNIT Assessments. Kindergarten does not have District Unit Assessments for ELA so they will use reading text levels to determine student proficiency of AKS.

Parsons Elementary will continue to perform in the 80th percentile on the Gallup Employee Engagement Survey. As a staff, we will focus on staff recognition and overall job satisfaction.

Important Reminders for Online Learners

In order for our students to have a successful digital learning experiences, please ensure the following things:
  • It is an expectation that all digital students attend all classroom Zoom meetings.
  • Digital Learners should follow the Digital Lesson Plans for each day, completing all assignments, and submitting the assignments on time for each lesson.
  • Students should have their cameras turned on when possible. This is very helpful to the teacher and helps to build a classroom community.
  • Active participation in all Zoom lessons helps students actively learn.
  • Please follow the daily schedule on the Digital Lesson Plan for each day.
  • Please be on time for all Zoom Meetings.
  • Sometimes, especially for our younger students, parents or caregivers may need to assist our younger students with sticking to the schedule and submitting/uploading assignments.
Thank you in advance for helping your child be a successful online learner!

Staff Goody Day sponsored by our 4th and 5th grade parents was incredible!

Thank you 4th and 5th grade parents and our wonderful PTA members who put out an amazing selection of healthy snacks for our staff to graze on all day long! We appreciate how our PTA continues to support our school in so many ways.
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What does Stronger Together mean to you?

“Stronger together” means leaning on others in your community to experience a sense of solidarity, creating a force and unity that is greater than the sum of its parts. It means feeling seen and heard by your community members, by sharing your situation and experience, and although it might be unique, finding strength in the common threads that bind us together. “Stronger together” means trusting in your community during moments of anxiety and times of uncertainty and to do the same for someone else. ~Mrs. Ami Abreu, Pre-K
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Stronger Together means our community working together to make sure we all stay healthy and strong. The cafeteria serves us healthy meals and the school makes sure that we exercise.

~Omar B., Mrs. Melts' 4th Grade

Want to share your thoughts of what it means to be STRONGER TOGETHER to be shared in an upcoming eNews? Just share your thoughts in an email to me,

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We ask that you support our Gwinnett County School Nutrition program and not bring in any fast food for your student.

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Welcome to Parsons, Mrs. Joannie Baltimore!

As mentioned in the video, Parsons is over enrollment by 13 students which allowed us to hire a part time teacher. We are excited to introduce Mrs. Joannie Baltimore. She has been a teacher in Gwinnett for over 30 years where she has served as a classroom teacher, EIP teacher, and gifted teacher. Mrs. Baltimore brings her experience and expertise here to Parsons where she will teach EIP and gifted thinking skills. Be sure to give her a warm Parsons welcome.

Parsons Teacher of the Year 2020- 2021!

We would like to congratulate Mrs. Lisa Isom-Jones, one of our first grade teachers as our Teacher of the Year!

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Dr. Mary Kay Murphy visits Parsons Elementary

We are thankful for our School Board member, Dr. Mary Kay Murphy, and her support for our school and community. Dr. Murphy visited Parsons today and was able to stop in and speak to our School Council during our Virtual meeting. She also was able to see our Dual Language Immersion classes, several regular education classes, and our specials classes. She was so impressed to see all that our teachers here at Parsons are doing on a daily basis.
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Monday, 9/28/20

  • Yom Kippur

Tuesday, 9/29/20
  • IOWA Testing ~ 2nd Grade

Wednesday, 9/30/20

  • IOWA Testing ~ 2nd Grade

Thursday, 10/1/20
  • Computer Learning Month
  • Crime Prevention Month
  • National Bullying Month
  • National Principals Month
  • National Physical Therapy Month

Friday, 10/2/20

  • Box Top Collection Day
  • National Custodial Workers Recognition Day
  • National Diversity Day
  • 9:00 am ~ PTA Meeting on Zoom

Digital Citizenship Family Tips

Check out the Digital Citizenship Family Activities below. The digital citizen activities from Common Sense Media include some great ideas for your family to discuss ways to be good digital citizens.
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Hispanic Heritage Month

At Parsons, we take much pride in our diverse population. It is important for us to celebrate the many different cultures that make up our PRIDE. Each year, we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central, and South America. Started in 1968 by Congress as Hispanic Heritage Week, it was expanded to a month in 1988. In celebration, we will be doing many activities that honor Hispanic Heritage.

Here are a few things you can do at home:

  • Kiddos love poetry. Why not read Hispanic poetry. Try the poems of Francisco X. Alarcón, such as “My Mother’s Hands” from Angels Ride Bikes and “Keys to the Universe” in From the Bellybutton of the Moon. Both poems underscore the importance of learning from other cultures.
  • Love to eat food from other cultures? Eat Salvadorian street food with your family. Peel a green mango and cut into small slices. Drizzle slices with lime juice, roasted pumpkin seeds (or pepitas), and a pinch of salt. Enjoy!

You can also visit the website below for more great activities. Our goal is to have our kiddos exposed to the many different cultures that make up our Parsons PRIDE.

Media Center Information

Are you ready for some books? If you didn't come for Media Center Curbside Checkout this week, you can come next week. You now access the Media Catalog through the icon on the eCLASS landing page. All you have to do is place your books on hold by midnight this Sunday and you can pick up your books during our curbside pickup times in the Car Rider Lane. See the flyer for more details including the days and times for your pickup. Hope to see you next week to get new books!

Parsons School-Wide Reading Program

The Parsons School-Wide Reading Program is here. Watch this video to learn more about how to participate.

How to register for the Parsons Reading Challenge

Did you know you have to register for the Parsons Reading Challenge each year just like you register for the summer reading program? You also need to change your homeroom teacher's name in the name field and your new grade level. You already have an account. Your username is your student number, and your PIN is your 4-digit birthday. You have all the way until the end of March to complete the program. You need to enter at least 2500 minutes to earn the reward in the spring. There are monthly competitions along the way. You can earn a badge just by registering and another badge by editing your profile following the directions in the video. Let's get reading, Parsons! Click here to sign in. Beanstack

Beanstack How to Join the Challenge and Edit Profile.mp4

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Please sign off on the following forms in MyPaymentsPlus

The orientation forms are...

  • The Parsons Parent/Student Handbook
  • The GCPS Parent/Student Handbook
  • Attendance Protocol
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Grade Level AKS

Please consider contributing to the following items in MyPaymentsPlus

The contributions are...

  • Agenda
  • Clinic Supply Contribution
  • Headphones
  • PTA Dues
  • Yearbook
  • Social Studies Weekly for 2nd and 4th Grades ONLY
  • Supply Contribution
  • Technology Supply Contribution
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Fundraiser Update

THANK YOU ALL for your support and participation throughout the fundraiser. The total amount raised was $13, 935. Woohoo!! We will be able to still do so much for the teachers and students with your donations. We want to congratulate the following teachers on hitting the 75% participation level. They have won $50 for the Fall Book Fair. YAY!!

Ms. Austin

Ms. Cumming

Ms. Down

Ms. Park

Ms. Pipe

Next PTA Meeting

The next PTA meeting by Zoom is on October 2nd at 9:00 am. Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 795 8921 9374

Passcode: lioncub

Please remember to join the PTA for only $7. You will be on our list to receive information about all the fun PTA events for the whole family.

Thank you for being amazing parents and teachers and supporting your PTA!


Katherine Johnson and Mabel Goldsmith

PTA Co-Presidents

Please send any questions to

PTA Spirit Night

We have a PAPA JOHN'S Spirit Night on Tuesday October 6th. Please send the Promo code to friends and family in the metro Atlanta area. It all adds up for our school.

Pickup and delivery at Papa John’s Pizza PROMO CODE: PES20

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Box Top App

Download the Box Top App. Shop at Walmart, Costco & Kroger and then scan the receipt. Scan old receipts too (up to 14 days old) and earn money for the school. Every dime helps. This is so much easier than clipping Box Tops!! Give it a try!
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Parsons Business Partners 2020-2021

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