Child Development

six years old

Is your child where they should be developmentally?

In this newsletter you will find tips for dealing with your sassy six year old as well as information about their development.

Physical Development 2

  • gross and fine motor skills, rate of growth

Cognitive Development 2

  • information processing, language, and brain development

Social Development 3

  • how one should act, social behavior

Emotional Development 3

  • self-regulation, control over emotions

Tips for Parents 4

Additional Sources 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should my child be sleeping?

Should my child be involved in sports?

How much should my child weigh?

Is it normal for my child to play alone?

Should my child still be throwing tantrums?

Your child analysts answer your questions and more inside

Hailey Thibodeaux & Mallory Thomasee

Future teachers, 6-year old experts