Meadow Brook Magic

Week 1: August 17th-28th

Welcome Back Meadow Brook Mustangs!

Mustang Monday Message

Mustang Family,

Last week we had a great first week returning back to school! It was wonderful to welcome back returning Mustangs and to welcome new friends. It has been incredible to see the amount of work that has collectively gone on throughout the district as a plethora of teachers, coaches, district personnel, principals, secretaries, and cleaning crews are preparing for students to return to our buildings, building a robust online learning platform, uploading a new student information system (iCampus), and drawing up plans that align with the state’s COVID policies and protocols to keep our students safe. I feel blessed to work in a district that truly cares about our kids and our staff!

We are excited to announce that our theme this year will be "Together we Rise." We know there are many feeling a bit apprehensive and anxious about students returning to school during the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic. We want to be as sensitive as possible to this and so as a school our leadership team spent the summer developing a plan to better meet the emotional and social needs of our students. Maslow's hierarchy of needs teach us that when a child's basic psychological needs are not met, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, for that child to focus on academics. Dr. Marc Bracket states in his book Permission to Feel, “It’s not always easy to reckon with our own and others’ emotional lives. But when kids and adults are given permission to feel all emotions, and learn how to manage them, it opens doors to collaboration, relationship building, improved decision making and performance, and greater well-being. Almost all the essential ingredients for success arise from emotion skills.”

At Meadow Brook we highly value collaboration amongst students, staff, and parents. We know ongoing communication between home and school is paramount to providing an excellent education; please do not hesitate to reach out to me, or to your child's teacher, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas that you would like to discuss. We are optimistic that as we work together we will rise!

I look forward to a great year ahead of us!

Principal Balli


* Tuesday, August 18th: Open House from 12-4pm

* Wednesday, August 19th: First Day of School for 1st-6th grades

* Wednesday, August 26th: First Day of School for Kindergarten

* Thursday, August 27th: Room Parent's Tea @3:15


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Sign up now to be a room parent

Parents, we are looking for a room parent in the following classes:

Preschool: Miss Taylor

ACC Classroom: Mrs. Anderson

AM/PM Kindergarten: Mrs. Hatch

AM Kindergarten: Mrs. Dean

2nd Grade: Mrs. Oropeza

3rd Grade: Mr. Taylor

3rd Grade: Mrs. Ramsey

4th Grade: Mrs. Gonzalez

4th Grade: Miss Christensen

5th Grade: Mrs. Brown

5th Grade: Mrs. Irwin

5th Grade: Mrs. Vega

5th Grade: Mrs. Welch

6th Grade: Mrs. Mortensen

6th Grade: Mrs. Arnold

6th Grade: Mrs. Gregory

6th Grade: Mrs. Mormann

Please e-mail the teacher to sign up! Thanks:)

For more information about school safety, morning protocols & safe school walking route see...

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