Pearl Harbor Bombing

Tyler Jayksoki

Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor

Today on December 7th 1941, the Japanese navy bombed Pearl Harbor Hawii. They bombed many of our ships including the destroyer USS Shaw, the battle ships USS West Virginia, USS Tennessee, USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, and USS California. There were Japanese midget subs that attempted to attack the inner harbor. We got to shoot down a bomber near the Navel Hospital in Honolulu, Hawii. The Japanese dropped a bomb on the Ford Island that weighed about 250 kilograms. All of the bombs and ship that got destroyed kill 1104 men throughout the attack.

Pearl Hrabor Today

Pearl Harbor was horrible for both countries that day. A lot has changed sense the attack 74 years ago on December 7th 1941. These countries were enemies and now intertwined militarily, politically, and economically. This has proved that over many years good can come from bad. Nation, people or groups can start enemies but become allies later.