Were Photography and Art Matter

Our shop has the best paint sets and cameras!

Have you ever questioned your ability because you haven't had an opportunity to express it? Here at Phart we care about your talent and never let a single drop of it go to waste. Phart is a modern art studio right above Times Square. We also co-own a dance studio called Dusic.

Some of Our Art:

Our job is to find what type of art or photography part you excel in, and find you a job that suits your talents.


Our art program is one of the best in all of New York. Over 89% of our artists become successful in jobs in and outside of New York.


We have over 230 different cameras for your use. We send you to any where you please, but you are required to get 13 unique and beautiful photos.


Vistor- $9.99

weekly- $10.50

Monthly- $20.00

Yearly- $65.00

Below are some of our most famous paintings and photos you can buy.