Team training news - August 2017

Apparel arrives - a great excuse to book new Style Sessions!


New Stylist? Not been to any of our training sessions yet? Experienced Stylist? In need of reinvigoration after a quiet summer? I cannot wait to see you on The Future is Fashion TOUR! Save the date of your September training:

MANCHESTER - 9th September

LONDON - 10th September

DUBLIN - 15th September

EDINBURGH - 16th September

Save the date because we are coming to a city near you...

As a Stella & Dot Stylist, you are invited to join your Head Office team and local Leaders to get inspired, top tips, training and have fun making real moves towards your biggest, best and most rewarding season of the year!

Want to see your Style Sessions soar?

Your earnings increase?

Find your inner coach?

Buy your ticket for the Make It Work Tour near you by following the links below.

Your ticket cost will include SWAG, refreshments and game-changing training!

ALL Stylists - £20

NEW Stylists (Signed up after 1st July 2017) - £5


Hey girls! I've missed you lot over the summer. So I'd LOVE you to join me this Friday 18th August at 11am for a coffee and catch up. I'll have all the new Stella & Dot apparel for you to see and try on! It's a casual team meet and get together... can't wait xxxx If you're struggling with kids - bring them too :-) xxxx 11 The Oaks, Davenham. CW9 8SL.
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We have until the end of September to earn points towards the Style Your Summer Incentive simply by selling, recruiting and helping to qualify new stylists who we have sponsored bewteen 1 July and 30 Sept. To track your progress, sign into your Stella and Dot account with your email and password and visit 'My Coaching Report' and then the tab at the top which reads 'Rewards and Incentives' . Many of you have already earned the Selfie Light - congratulations!


Top tips on recruiting a team...

In August, new stylists get our best selling Zoe Lariat for FREE (plus £300 of free jewellery) - that's a total of £385 !!! Let's reach out to 10 potentials today and share this amazing offer! Why not bring them along for coffee at mine on Friday? Or better still, meet them with the kids over the summer hols and show them how this business can fit in with their lives... Now we have launched apparel - the business opportunity may appeal to people you may not have thought of before...think who loves clothes? Who wants to earn extra money? Who would enjoy the social side of the business?...

Create a photo album called My Stella Dot Life

Use this cover image (below) and create a photo album of your Stella and Dot life and share the joy and fun times with your friends on Facebook.There is one thing you can do this week to build your business and that is Sponsor and build your team. There are so many reasons to start as a Stylist now with the biggest months of the year coming up (Sept,Oct, Nov, Dec) they could be earning their flexibility and freedom plus our Style Session bestseller!
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Jessica Herrin goes Live on Facebook!

Did you catch Jessica - our CEO & Founder - LIVE on Facebook, talking about the UK & Ireland Sign Up Special in August 2017? Here's the video - it's a great one to share via email with potential stylists and a personal note from you. Here's the link to send them

CEO & Founder Jessica Herrin Talking #DreamJob | Stella & Dot


BTW Style Sessions are the 'new name' for trunkshows . Why? Because we can now offer personal styling to our customers with tops and accessories to 'finish the look'. The added advantage is that everyone knows what a personal stylist is...but not everyone immediately understands the 'trunkshow' concept. I love the new name!

  • There really is no big secret to booking trunkshows... except that it doesn't happen by accident! It does require work. I have 6 trunkshows in the diary for September. But I only had two for August, hence I am hosting one of my own at my house this week #simples and I also spent two days at the Shrewsbury Show last week. I sold a few pieces but my aim was to meet new people in different social circles and to branch out of my area. Have you thought about a new geographical area?

  • Every single Monday I send out an email to 10 potential hostesses. I send them 3-4 photos of accessories (and now tops) I think they will like. I personally pick these out - and I say ' I've picked out some Stella & Dot pieces that I think you will LOVE. Dying to know If I got your style right? Check out these pics when you get a second and see what you think ? If you love it, I can get it for you a bunch of ways . But the most fun way is often to get a few friends together for a fun style session with me . You get to shop free and at 40 per cent off. Would love to know what you think?'

  • On Wednesday, If I haven't heard back, I send a second email to say 'just checking in to see whether you saw my email I sent the other day'.

  • 7 days later (on a Monday again) I send a third email saying
'Hi Angela - hope you had a lovely weekend? I just noticed you're not part of my VIP group at Stella and Dot ! I'd love to invite you. I feature fun, fashion and VIP offers for my customers. Here's the link to join '

  • 14 days from the original email I send one last message 'Hi Angela. Hope you're ok ? Looks like you're super busy. I just wanted to reach out one last time as I'm finalising my calendar . Let me know if you're still interested , but no worries if not - I'll reach out next time there's something I know you'll love . Hope you're great ! Xxx mhari
RATE OF SUCCESS - around 90% I hear back from. On average 1 in 4 book a style session. The Systems works ...I PROMISE...I wouldn't use it if it didn't xxxx

With love and support Mhari xoxo

Hope you've all had an amazing summer? I've been juggling everything like trust me - I know how hectic life can be - we're all in the same boat. Now I'm ready to knuckle down and get back to normal - will be great to see you all at the August and September meets xxx