Auditory Outreach

student-focused child-centered provincial resource program

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may is speech and hearing month

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Self-concept is how your child sees himself. Here is some helpful information.

Self-concept is a big topic! Refer to the age-specific web pages on this site for more information on assessing and supporting children and adolescents improve their self-concept.

Self-Concept for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers

Self-Concept for School-Age

Self-Concept for Adolescents

great article to help child anxiety

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resources for youth with hearing loss

Here is a wide range of resources for youth with hearing loss to help support and empower you at school, in your career planning and at work. It is designed for a broad range of individuals with hearing loss regardless of your communication preferences.

You'll find answers to your questions about:

  • career planning to help you better prepare for higher education or for employment
  • disclosing your hearing loss
  • jobs that require minimal use of hearing
  • how to assess your best employment options
  • how to access appropriate accommodations (i.e. notetaking services) at college or university
  • how to find out if a college or university provides good access services
  • the best technology available to improve your communication access

The topics covered are:

your mental health

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Easy Separation

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