Cougar News

Jan. 13-17

Cougar News

Mr. Miles, counselor at AMCMS, spoke to students on Fri. regarding 7th grade registration. There will be a meeting Monday, Jan. 13 at 6 p.m.

Cougar Science

  • Energy Flow Notes and Practice


  • Energy Written Test Review


  • Energy Game Review


  • Energy Test/ Geology Part One Vocabulary handed out


  • Intro to Geology

Here is a link to all the study materials and notes for the test. I will put the answers to the test review on this page Tue. after school. The written test review is to be turned in before the test on Thur.

Cougar Math

We are covering percentages this week. Test over proportions and percentages next week.

Cougar E.L.A.

This is the last week of our poetry unit. We will have our publishing party on Thur. All students must have poetry book completed to participate in the party. Students can bring their own drinks. (must be juice, water, or flavored water)

Cougar Social Studies

We are continuing to study religion this week.