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News and Updates from Dr. Dutt

Virtual Learning Attendance: IMPORTANT

On Nov 4th we sent A reminder about the importance of daily attendance. Please know that now that we are fully remote daily attendance is still important. You must call your child out if they are unable to attend their zoom classes for the day. Please make sure they attend all scheduled classes and that you call your child out when they are unable to attend. You can reach Mrs. Cappiello at or at 908-362-8211 ext. 1303.

Furthermore, it has been brought to our attention that students are missing scheduled Zoom classes and emailing teachers with reasons that are not considered excused absences. Some examples include; shopping, driving, working, traveling, or are with friends during the scheduled Zoom. These are not considered to be excusable absences. Students who are not called out as absent, and do not attend Zoom may lose points for missing class.

Please be reminded, students are expected to be participating in school between the hours of 8:00am and 2:15pm Monday-Friday (even when not on Zoom).

New Attendance Check-In (For Students)

  • Students will be expected to sign in to attendance EVERY DAY, EVERY PERIOD during the school week via the student check-in portal in Genesis. Mr. Louw has sent a “how to” email with screenshots to every student.

  • There is a grace period which is the same as the length of the class period so students who do not check in will not immediately be marked absent. However at the end of the period, they will be marked absent.

  • Students who will be absent from school/class must call out to the main office. If they do not, teachers will mark the student absent/unexcused. See Board Policy 5200: Attendance for more information.

Bell Schedule Reminder (Monday - Friday)

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