4th Grade ACE

Week of: May 1-5


Tuesday, May 2- Field Testing (Writing)

Friday, May 5- Light Test

Tuesday, May 9- SC Ready Writing

Wednesday, May 10- SC Ready ELA

Thursday, May 11- SC Ready Math

Friday, May 12- Arts Day

Tuesday, May 16- PASS Science

Wednesday, May 17- PASS Social Studies

Thursday, May 18- End of Year ACE Celebration

This Week

Here is what is happening in Room #310 this week:

Social Studies: We are testing out of Westward Expansion on Monday and moving into our last unit, the Civil War.

Science: We are testing out of Light tomorrow and starting Sound next week!

ELA: We will be working on integrating our Social Studies units with ELA. Students will be working on close reading and writing responses to Social Studies prompts.

Math: We are moving through decimals and will continue practicing changing fractions into decimals, and vice versa, up until testing. A great resource for practicing Math is wootmath.com. It's very interactive, students love it, AND it re-enforces concepts that we are learning in math. Our Class Code is: H9RG9C. The students put the class code in, find their name, and their password is: LBN16. Please feel free to have students get on and practice at home!

Don't forget about these great resources below to help with at-home practice!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3F0SItM-os - Division Rap Song




Mrs. Berbaum

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me!