HTM Welcomes The Goat Guys

Natural Brush Removal with Goats

We are excited to welcome more than 150 "goat guests" to our new property, beginning Friday, September 16!

These four-legged friends, who will be on loan from The Goat Guys, will spend about 3-5 days clearing a large area toward the front entrance of our property. This spot is currently overrun with all kinds of brush, weeds, thistles, invasive plants, and noxious plants like poison ivy and sumac. Goats love to eat these plants and will do a beautiful job removing them from our land!

Why Goats?

Keeping with the Montessori principle of embracing nature, and with our mission to make our new school property as environmentally friendly as possible, we opted to bring in the goats instead of using harmful plant-killing chemicals or bulldozing the area. This approach both accomplishes the goal of clearing the brush from the land and also gives us the opportunity to observe one of nature's most fascinating (and adorable) creatures at work!

Goats eat about 25% of their body weight each day, and they prefer to eat non-grassy species down to the ground, thereby eliminating the plants we don't want while keeping the grass intact. Goats go where machine's can't, don't require gasoline or fuel, and cost less than other methods. And *potty word* alert...goats poop, which means they leave behind natural fertilizer to help grasses grow.

We think these are all pretty good reasons to invite the goats to feast on our property for a few days!

Want to Watch the Goats at Work?

While the goats are visiting over the next few days, we invite our HTM families and community friends to come check them out. This is a fantastic opportunity to observe some fun animals at work!

A few important requests:

  • Please respect the animals. They are startled by loud noises, so please - no yelling or screaming.
  • Don't try to approach the goats. Remember, this is an observation opportunity, not a petting zoo. The goats are "working" and we don't want to distract them!
  • Please do not try to feed the goats - they have plenty to eat on the job!
  • Stay on the bridge or on the road, and do not go near the rubberized fences. These protect the goats from predators and keep them secure. The fences carry a current and they will shock you if you touch them.

The goats will be in place beginning Friday, September 16 and should remain on the land through the weekend and possibly into early next week. Feel free to drive out and observe any time!

Learn More

Want to learn more about goats and discover why they're in such demand around Nashville? Check out The Goat Guys' website, where you can even watch time-lapse videos of the goats at work!

About Holy Trinity Montessori

Our new property is located at 8131 Old Harding Pike. Warning - this shows up incorrectly on GPS.

Here's how to find us: Head south on Highway 100 (pass the Loveless Cafe and the entrance to the Natchez Trace). As you approach the produce stand on the right, look on the left side of the road for a big white sign that says "8131" and that will lead you to our property.