April at a Glance

Hi Sweet Families!

Here is what is going on in April, I will email if something else comes up!

I sent an email yesterday about Boosterthon, if you haven't please think about joining in on our fundraiser. The kids love it, they learn about character & our school earns money for new learning tools...what else could we ask for? This is the only fundraiser that goes toward school funds (the rest were PTA fundraisers). Please reach out if you need help signing up or have any questions.

As the end of the year arrives, the students are becoming more comfortable/easing up with rules and because of that I'm finding myself taking more points/correcting more behaviors. Please keep an eye on Class Dojo & folders and speak with your child about why they have lost points or earned them. I really appreciate your partnership and can't wait to finish this year out strong!

I can't say it enough, I am so PROUD of each and every one of these kiddos! I often reflect on where we started and it amazes me how far we have come. I encourage you to take a moment sometime this week and reflect on your child's growth and celebrate with your sweet one. They work hard everyday and it shows in their reading, writing and math! We will continue to PUSH them and challenge them here, please continue to focus on sight words, writing sentences & reading at home as well. :)

As always, reach out if you have any concerns or questions.

Important Dates:

4/4-4/13: Boosterthon Fundraiser

4/13: Fun Run @ 8:15 am

4/15: End of 5th Six Weeks & NO SCHOOL (bad weather makeup day)

4/20: Graduation Pictures- girls please wear hair down

4/21: Stephen's Elementary Visit (for those who will transfer because of rezoning), 9-10 am

What Are We Learning?


  • comparing numbers
  • focusing more on teen numbers & teen number words
  • graphing
  • addition & subtraction
  • writing numbers correctly


  • Sight words: they, was, saw, not, by, did, his, her, for
  • "Silent/Magic/Sneaky" E (EX: MAT --> MATE, DIM --> DIME)
  • Vowels have 2 sounds, LONG & SHORT
  • SH, TH, WH, CH
  • PL, BL, GL, SL, CL, FL

Science/Social Studies:

  • Oviparous Animals
  • Frogs
  • Landforms
  • Insects