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If you’ve watched our district social media platforms recently, you may remember that we showcased the notion that African American History occurs Not Just in February. But here at Princeton, we are taking this even further. We are committed to providing an education in which each student feels represented and one that respects all cultures, perspectives and backgrounds.

We are going to say that Women’s History does not occur just in the month of March. Hispanic and Latino Heritage are not only celebrated in September. And with the current increase in violence and from my previous statement, we must embrace the notion that Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage does not occur during May.

This is not just lip service. This is not just an empty promise that we are making because of a moment. The push for equity is an integral part of who we are as a district. I fully believe this movement will push us even farther down the road of excellence for each of our students, staff members, and community partners.

Princeton City School District recently shared our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, which includes a goal to address Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in all aspects of our operation., In order to implement purposeful actions to achieve our goals in this area, we have established a team under the leadership of our associate superintendent, Dr. Mari Phillips. The Equity Team has been working hard to identify concerns, analyze our practices, and address them appropriately.

The team has created an equity plan and presented it to the Board with the intent of identifying clear steps for progress and holding ourselves accountable. We need to be accountable to one another, but also we need to be held accountable by you - our families and community partners.

So here is the big ask. We want to hear your voice and your ideas. We want each Princeton family to be a part of the discussions that are being held in each of the schools throughout the district. Contact your building principal and your school’s Equity Team Leader and ask for ways that you can participate in the equity conversations. Keep watch for updates and opportunities to share your voice in surveys, polls, and information in the Friday eNews. This work is ongoing, not just something that we are doing in February or sporadically depending on the month. It is how we are empowering all of us, all over the district, all year round.

Not just following a trend, intentional equity happens in our district each and everyday.

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