Wonders of The Taj Mahal

The best wonder of the world

The Taj Mahal is chosen as one of the eight wonders of the world, even though its beauty has never been surpassed. It is a great tourist attraction for many many people around the Globe.

How The Taj Mahal Was Constructed

The Taj Mahal was built completely out of white marble. The mausoleum has a large complex of gardens and other buildings, enclosed within a high red sandstone wall with octagonal turrets at the corners. It is a mausoleum which means "burial place". It stands on a square marble base which is 312 feet (95 meters) per side and 23 feet (7 meters high). The building is a square of 186 feet (57 meters) per side with grooved corners and a massive arch in each face , rising to a height of 108 feet (33 meters).

Decorations in the Palace

Much of the decoration, apart from geometrical designs, consists of verses from the Koran written in fine calligraphy in marble. It is believed that Amanat Khan Shirazi from Persia was in charge of the calligraphy. On top of this marvelous building is a large onion shaped dome. Even though Amanat Khan Shirazi was in charge Shah Jahan ordered that these decorations be placed in the palace. Taj Mahal loved these decorations.

Who Was it For?

This palace was named after a women (Taj Mahal). She was Arjumand Banu Begum (Begum is the meaning of a Muslim woman of high social rank). Shah Jahan had a favorite wife. He called her Mumtaz Mahal, meaning "ornament of the palace". Shah Jahan and his love got married in 1612. The purpose was to impress is wife Taj Mahal.
Your coming home from India and all you think about is the journey you had. Some people ask you questions and you answer all of them because they were all about the Taj Mahal and you visited the Taj Mahal.