A Classic Allegory of Society

Lord of the flies is a literary classic by William Golding. It gives any little boy who thought he'd be better off without adults a taste of reality, while at the same time reminding adults of how barbaric and senseless true human nature is. It's a timeless story, one that is applicable to almost any society or time period.


The pit formed in my heart when I read this book. The very idea of little boys stranded and left to murder and insanity- boys who I could have known, boys who could have lived next door to me and you- brought me to tears. And to think of how the boy's mothers must have felt! There is too much pain in losing a child, whether it happens through death or disconnection from the world.

Lord of the Flies Could Grow Your Reading "Umbrella"

Thought provoking novels such as this will challenge you as an individual to think in ways you may have not been willing to think before. It could very well change your life, as to the fact that the books you read tend to be one of the biggest influences on your life.