"The Dog and the Rabbit"

By: Kaitlyn Still

"The Dog and the Rabbit

There once was a dog named Sparky, a little Yorkie puppy and a little Rabbit named Lola. One day Lola wanted carrots from Sparky's owners garden but of coarse Sparky had to be outside and stopped her from taking the carrots by chasing her around the house but something Lola didn't know is that Sparky just wanted a friend. Everyday there was chasing Lola thought it was real chasing and Sparky was chasing with his tongue out and enjoying every second of it when one day Lola was starving and asked kindly, "I give up it was a long journey and I am so..." Sparky didn't let her finish and said," Do you want to play tag again?" Lola replied," Can you please let me finish? I would love to, after I have a carrot". After she was done eating they went and had the best time ever


Don't run/hop away from others the might turn out nicer than you expected.