The Science Lab #2

Ed tech resources for the science classroom and beyond!

Mystery Science for Grades 2-6

Mystery Science offers FREE online, ready to go lessons for science content in grades 2-6! Topics include:

  • Material Magic (Properties and Phases of Matter)
  • Animals Through Time (Habitats, Heredity, and Change Over Time)
  • Invisible Forces (Forces and Motion, Magnetism)
  • Plant Adventures (Life Cycles, Traits and Adaptations)
  • The World of Weather (Weather, Climate, and Water Cycle)
  • Energizing Everything (Energy and Motion)
  • Human Machine (Body, Senses and the Brain)
  • The Birth of Rocks (Rock Cycle, Erosion and Natural Hazards)
  • Spaceship Earth (Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets)

Topics soon to be released include:

  • Power of Flowers
  • Plant Allies
  • The Web of Life
  • Talking Machines
  • Chemical Magic
  • The Work of Water
  • Our Changing Earth
  • Microscopic Life

Check it out!

USA Test Prep

All APS students and teachers have access to this amazing resource! There are a TON of free resources that allow students to prepare for tests and teachers the ability to customize remediation for students at risk of failing high stakes tests.

Your students have access to USATestprep to help them prepare for the Georgia Milestones. You can log into myBackpack to view your school's code for students and for teachers. There will be a tile on the main page titled, "Got A Georgia Milestones Test" that will have a list of codes that can easily be accessed.

Students can practice under the direction of a teacher or on their own for the following subjects:

9th Grade Literature and Composition EOC (GSE)

American Literature and Composition EOC (GSE)

Algebra I EOC (GSE)

Analytic Geometry EOC (GSE)

Biology EOC

Physical Science EOC

Economics EOC

US History EOC

FREE Science iPad Apps!


Do you use Edmodo with your classes? Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom! Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems and helpful tips! Teachers can assign quizzes, homework and discussion questions via Edmodo. Teachers can incorporate Edmodo into their classes as a means of beginning to "flip" their classrooms and start experimenting with blended learning!

ALL APS schools have access to Edmodo. See your Educational Technology Specialist for information on school codes and further training for teachers and students!

FREE Productivity Tools!

Summer Science Opportunities for Students!






Electrical and Computer Engineering At GA TECH

College of Engineering Summer Engineering Institute

CDC Disease Detective CAMP

APS K12 Science Symbaloo

The Science Symbaloo can be found on the myBackpack Student/Teacher Portal. This Symbaloo includes direct links to websites that support the K-12 Science Curriculum. If you have Science websites that your class uses on a frequent basis and you would like them added to this Symbaloo for easy access, please send me an email and I'll make sure it gets added! (

Stay inspired through these last few months of school! Rita Pierson is SURE to reignite your fire!! Watch the video below!