Who's the Man???

By: Alfredo Banuelos

Doing it for the game

In the movie "She's the Man" viola desquised her self as her brother to be able to play soccer after he team got cut.


In they play "The Twelfth night" Viola does it to be treated better and be given respect.

Not Everything is as it seems

Big Bro?

In the movie Sebastian went to London for 2 weeks to play music, and came back just before the big soccer game.


In the play viola thought her brother died in a shipwreck, but he was only stranded.

Low Comedy

"Excellent, it hangs like flax on distaff, and i hope to see a housewife take thee between her legs and spin it off." from the play makes people laugh and keep on reading.

Low comedy

In the movie when Duke sees the tampons in Violas bag he asks why she has them and she said "Um. I get really bad nose bleeds"

Comedy Ideas

in the movie the soccer coach said that women are not good enough to play soccer with the guys.


In the play they said that women cant love like men do that guys have a bigger heart.

High Comedy

"Girls with asses like mine dont talk to guys with a face like yours"

when this was said in the movie during the argument everyone started laughing

High Comedy

In the play osario says that women hurt more than men so men have a stronger heart.