Julius Caesar Soundtrack Project

By: Trey Reed, Kyle Klemme, Jacob Armer

Cry me A River

Act 3/Scene 1 - Big Idea: Loss of a friend

In this scene Antony speaks to Caesar's dead body. He is very angered and sad for the death of his best friend. All he wanted was for him to be careful and live on to rule Rome. Antony is now left with nothing but a broken country and a heart that is torn to pieces. Antony says “Thou art the ruins of the noblest man that ever lived in the tide of times.” In the song Cry Me a River “You were my sun, You were my earth”. Caesar was warned over and over by many people not to go to senate. He ignored these voices and instead was killed. In the song it says “So you take a chance, And made other plans, But i bet you didn’t think they would come crashing down, no”. This perfectly portrays the feeling Antony has toward Caesar at the moment. Antony brings up the idea of problems coming for Rome a lot in his speech. He says “People’s capacity for sympathy will grow tired and weak from the sheer quantity of cruel deeds.” In the song it says “The damage is done” and “You don’t have to say what you did, I already know I found out from him.” This is fantastic example for the play. Antony finds out the death from someone that wasn’t his best friend. The play and the song have so many similarities and they fit fantastically together.

Jacob Armer

Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake LYRICS HQ !

We Can Work It Out by The Beatles

Beginning of Act 4/ Scene 3 - Big Idea: Disagreement when there should be unity

In this scene, Brutus and Cassius engage in a very hostile argument in which they both are frequently attacking one another with insults and lies. They act towards one another with aggression mainly out of fear since they are running out of time, land, and allies to hide and support from Antony and Octavius. They enter Brutus’s tent and start the quarrel. Cassius says, “In such a time as this it is not meet that every nice offense should bear his comment” meaning that right now we should not say offensive things toward each other. In the song We Can Work It Out the lyrics go “Think of what you’re saying”. The argument continues and Cassius now warns Brutus not to temp him, “Brutus, bait not me. I’ll not endure it. You forget yourself, to hedge me in. I am a soldier, I,older in practice, abler than yourself to make conditions.” The song says, “ Run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone.” The insults and accusations go on and Cassius pulls out his dagger and tells Brutus to kill him because he feels that Brutus, one of his only friends, does love him anymore, so what is the point of living. “There is my dagger. And here my naked breast. Within, a heart dearer than Plutus' mine, richer than gold. If that thou be'est a Roman, take it forth.” In the song the lyrics, “Do I Have to keep on talking till I can’t go on?” are in great correlation. Finally Brutus tells him to put his dagger away and they both realize that they are acting out of anger and should be helping one another instead of fighting against the other so they decided to make up and shake hands. Here in the play goes perfectly with, “We can work it out, We can work it out”. This scene of the play, Julius Caesar, written by Shakespeare and song written by the Beatles go perfectly with one another and their meaning of not fighting and working together is perfectly in sync.

Trey Reed

The Beatles - We Can Work it Out