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March 28, 2019

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Flipping over Flippity

If you've ever struggled with grouping students, THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! All you have to do is type your students' names into a spreadsheet, and Flippity does the rest. Not only does it group students for you, it gives you TONS of options for groupings--you can select teams of a specific number of students, or a specific number of students per group, and even a random name generator or tournament bracket!

Even better, if the generator puts two kids together and you know that pairing won't work, you can click the kid's name and swap with another!

You can also jigsaw your groups with the click of a button!

Finally, it gives you options for printing custom name plates--everything from scrabble tiles to the periodic table!

Click the link below to try it for yourself!

Flippity Menu of Choices

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