John F. Kennedy

Ryo Yoshida

Election of Kennedy

  • Democratic Party nominated John F. Kennedy
  • Republican Party nominated Richard Nixon
  • Kennedy wins election of 1960 with an electoral count of 303 to 219
  • The closest it has been since election of 1916
  • "New Frontier": Kennedy's campaign program that attempted to stabilize the economy and pass reform acts in education, civil rights, and health care

The Cold War

  • "Flexible Response": The idea of developing many military options to fit the necessities of the crisis at hand
  • 1961- Kennedy increased "military advisers" in South Vietnam to protect Diem from communists
  • Cuba
  • April 17, 1961- Cuba's Bay of Pigs, an American attempt to overthrow Cuban communist government, failed
  • October 1962- US found out Soviets were installing nuclear weapons in Cuba (Cuban Missile Crisis)
  • October 22, 1962- Kennedy ordered quarantine of Cuba and required Soviets to remove nuclear weapons
  • October 28, 1962- Khrushchev agreed to take out missiles in exchange for removal of quarantine
  • August 1961- After threats by US, Soviet Union constructed Berlin Wall that stopped population drain to West Germany

Kennedy and Civil Rights

  • 1960- Freedom Riders worked to end segregation in facilities serving interstate bus passengers
  • Voter Education Project registered blacks
  • 1963- Martin Luther King, Jr. launched campaign against segregation
  • Kennedy gave speech to promise to solve racial problems

Kennedy's Assassination

  • To prepare for the next presidential campaign, Kennedy went to many states, including Texas
  • November 22, 1963, Kennedy assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas
  • Extremely tragic event that shocked the nation