Foreign Aid

By: Christian Bell


Created November 3rd, 1961, with a main goal of progress and motivation, Foreign Aid was born.

Donor countries are supposed to give assistance (from food aid to military assistance) to governments who have a lack of these things. The problem is, the quantity and quality of aid has been poor as well as aided the wrong people.

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Foreign Aid 101

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Relevant Terms

  • Foreign Assistance

  • Development Assistance

  • International Development Cooperation

Key People

  • President John F. Kennedy

  • Economist theorists


USAID invests in ideas that work to improve the lives of millions of men, women and children by: ("USAID History," 2015)
  • “Investing in agricultural productivity so countries can feed their people”

  • “Combating maternal and child mortality and deadly diseases like HIV, malaria and tuberculosis”

  • “Providing life-saving assistance in the wake of disaster”

  • ‘Promoting democracy, human rights and good governance around the world”

  • “Fostering private sector development and sustainable economic growth”

  • “Helping communities adapt to a changing environment”

  • “Elevating the role of women and girls throughout all our work”
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("Spending on Foreign Aid Could Overtake Defence Spending In 15 Years," 2014)
As of now the defense budget is 600 billion, where foreign aid from western donors is about 75 billion

Opposing Viewpoints

  • Supporter-Jeff Sachs (“Foreign Assistance,” 2012)

    • Progress in infant mortality rates

    • Availability of potable water

    • Increased accessibility in family planning

    • Health and nutrition interventions

    • Predicted 70% success rate

  • Critics-Bill Easterly (“Foreign Assistance,” 2012)

    • A lot of waste

    • Theorists paid little attention to poor

    • Authoritarian leaders had the say in aid they received where the people have no say.

    • Dictators in poor countries use aid to their benefits not the peoples.


("Foreign Assistance," 2012)

  • It is important because if the money that is being used to help aid foreign countries goes to waste like most of it has been, then the money of the donor countries would help aid the evil that we fight against.

  • Economically, the donor nations are putting money where it is not fixing the problems being faced in the developing countries. Socially, the people do not have a say with what they want the money to do. Politically, the leaders are the ones getting the money and it is leading to deficit spending.

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