Goolagong Gossip

Semester 2


On Friday 20th of September 2014, Goolagong had a cooking day and we had 2 visitors that came in and helped. There names were Will and Fiona.We called it ‘Goolagong's Masterchef’. We had to use our own veggies that we grew in our veggie patch at school. We got put into groups by Mr Lamb. Everyone in our class had to bring in a ingredient that we could add to our stir fry. Each group got to pick what went into the stir fry. All the groups got to cut up their veggies and add as much as they wanted. Fiona was the judge of our groups stir frys. We had to make them look really pretty so we could get extra marks as well. We also had squeaky cheese, it was yum! Over all I thought it was absolutely fun!

by Tabitha and Sarah

Coonawara Camp


From 25th-28th, year fives from St. Annes and Bairnsdale went to camp. One of the activities was archery. We shot 15 arrows each. We shot one arrow after another, and just kept going. It was a great fun! Most people shot the board, and got a couple of points. We didn’t get told who got the most points, but it didn’t really matter since everyone had a great time. Archery was really fun and outgoing.

by Chen Li

Amber Lawerence

Amber Lawrence

Amber Lawrence came to St Annes campus on the 14/11/14.

Amber is the no.1 country singer for Australia we were lucky enough to have her come to perform to the year 5’s.

Amber performed super Hero, shake it off, all about that bass, roar and try.

Amber convinced Oil and Duncan to go out the front and sing to shake it off.

Amber stayed for about one hour.

Paul costa also came to our school and performed too.

Everyone very enjoyed the performance.