styles of architecture

By: Rodolfo Chavez and Stefan Nwosu


  • has a broad front porch
  • has no upper floor
  • typically has dormer windows
  • low pitched roof
  • often small with reliance on built ins for organization
  • entry typically leads into living room
  • roof has broad eaves
  • easy access to outdoor spaces like porches and patios
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Cape Cod

  • Gable roof
  • Rectangular Structure/base
  • Central chimney on the roof
  • Multiple lights on the outside
  • Originated from England
  • Windows on each side of the door usually 2
  • One of the simplest of house designs
  • Symmetrical
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  • Mostly found in rural neighborhoods
  • Living room is most likely the 1st room you enter when you enter the house
  • Around the same size
  • Both popular in the 20th century

Time Period & Region

The Cape Cod house style started in England around the 17th century, while the Bungalow style comes from Indian province of Bengal and didn't see much action outside of India till 1870s.

Which House to pick

Honestly the house are very similarly due to fact that many of the Cape cod ideas come from Bungalow style of house. If you want more order and everything in an orderly fashion we recommend the Cape Cod due to simple design and small size so you don't get too much in one package. While if you want a house that has everything packed in the middle then we recommend bungalow due to fact that mostly everything revolves around the living room.
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