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NEWSLETTER | TERM 4 | WEEK 1 | 13 October 2023

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Welcome back to Term 4 everyone!

It has been an energetic start to the term with our students back in good spirits and a real buzz in the classrooms. I walked around early on Monday to see all our classes straight back into their English Lessons and our students have been ready to go from Day 1.

There is a lot on here at Bernie’s with our Year 6’s spending Tuesday at the Maritime Museum in Freo, Night of the Notables in Year 5 next week, Interschool Numero Comp, our Yr 4-6 Spelling Bee and then Interschool Spelling Bee and Athletics Carnival later in the term. You will notice that we are having some paving done in the junior playground area and I am sure Mr Murtagh will get some use out of that chess board with his chess club.

You may have noticed that we have individually marked a number of bays out the front of the Admin Block to help make our reception more accessible during peak times. I want to thank our community for being so supportive and following the rules. This has made a difference already. We have submitted our Capital Development application and upgrading the carpark forms part of this. We hope to know by the end of the year if we are successful.

Finally, another reminder about supervising your children if you are hanging back after school. It is a lovely community feel out there in an afternoon, however, I continue to receive reports that there are some children running off from their parents to the back of the school and behind Pre-Primary. Your vigilance in this space is much appreciated.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has asked about my holiday. I had an amazing time with my family and have come back refreshed and ready for a great term. I caught some big fish, swam with turtles, ventured into the Karajini Gorges and loved burger night at Bullara Station. I even got a surf in while we were in Kalbarri.

Great to be back!

Geordie Thuijs

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A big congratulations to Jess and Jamie Tanner on

the safe arrival of their little boy, Riley a little brother

for Hudson!

Welcome to the world little man, we can't

wait to meet you!

We'd also like to welcome Josh A in PPR to our

school, please make him and his family feel

part of our Bernie's family!

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Do your child love singing?

The Bernie's Choir is going to have a very busy Term 4. We have in school masses to perform at and of course our Christmas Concert will be here before you know it!

If your child loves singing and music and would like to join the choir, we practise every Wednesday morning at 8.30am. We'd love to see them there!

Mrs Poasa

Performing Arts Teacher

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Year 6 Excursion to the Maritime Museum

On Tuesday, the 10th of October, Year 6 Blue and Year 6 Red went to the Maritime Museum located in Fremantle for an excursion. So before we went, we did the roll and did laps on the oval. Then, we went to the bus. It took about 45 minutes to get there and back on the bus. I sat with my mom, who was a parent helper, like Holly's mom.

Before we got inside, we had recess outside. Then the classes were separated into 6B and 6R. It was fun to explore. When we entered, we walked past a small café. We walked past that to put our bags down in the box. Then we went up the stairs to explore.

When we were there, we had to study a person in a group of 5. I was with Willow, Eden, Milah, Holly, and myself. During the time, we studied someone called Nonja Peters. We had to pick 3 items depending on their life. We picked a badge, clogs, and a doll replica she had when she was younger. After that, we talked about things like Dutch people and migrants and things about Fremantle.

Later on, we went to a room with a big window and big boats in it. On the way there, Eden and Mason volunteered to lift these brown suitcases. When we got there, we talked about a person called Jim, who was a fisherman, and Maria, who was the wife and had about 7 babies. The man who was guiding us through the museum asked for 2 volunteers, and he picked Alice and Jai. Then the man gave Jai the suit jacket and Alice the wedding hat, which was in the suitcase Eden was holding during the small walk. Lotoata was meant to be the person telling them the vows. It was a really funny experience to watch them.

Luciana R 6B

Taking a Walk in the Past: The Year 6’s journey to Fremantle

Hello to our spectacular Bernie's Community!

We Year 6’s are here to tell you about our terrific trip to the past last Tuesday!


The bus picked us up from Kiss ‘n’ Drop at 9:00am and with our eager heads buzzing, we hopped on, not forgetting to say ‘Hello!’ to the bus driver, Ed! On the ride to the museum, we chatted to our friends excitedly as we awaited our journey through the past that we were soon to experience. The journey there took an hour, but to us that wasn’t long, because time flies when you’re having fun!

The Western Australian Maritime Museum

We arrived outside the museum at 10:00am and found a spot to sit down to fill our stomachs with all the yummy recess our parents had packed us. Thanks Mum and Dad! Then it was finally time to enter…

When entering the museum, we put our bags away and were split into two groups: 6 Red with Shannon, and 6 Blue with Nigel. But right now, let's hear it from 6 Red’s point of view. Firstly, we learnt about a young immigrant called Giacomo Ianello (Pronounced JACK-A-MO) who left his home of Italy at the age of 11 to start a new life in Fremantle and earn money for his family in poverty. We also learnt about the struggles that he faced, and the way he contributed to shaping the Fremantle that we know and love today. We then split into groups to learn about other immigrants from all over the world and why they came to Australia including Stephen Anstey who came with his family as ‘ten-pound poms’! We also saw America’s Cup winning yacht, Australia II, Historic fishing boats, Submarine HMAS Ovens and old tools used in the maritime industry.

We just want to give a quick shout out to our amazing tour guides, Shannon and Nigel, for making our time at the museum very engaging and interactive. (We even did a pretend wedding!) So, Thank-you!

Lunch at Cicerello’s

After our minds were full of awesome information, both classes joined together to fill our tummies with awesome food! And where better to go in Freo, but the amazing Cicerello’s! We enjoyed delicious chicken nuggets and chips, and their famous crunchy fish and chips while sharing stories of what we did.

Our Return Home

Tummies full and spirits high, we hopped back on the bus at 1:30pm and all agreed that it was an awe-inspiring journey that had left us wanting to learn more. Come tell us your story! We would also like to thank all the parent helpers and teachers for organising and running our excursion.

Thank-you for reading about our amazing excursion and we hope you can visit the Maritime Museum to experience the wonders of history!

Morgan L and all the Year 6’s.

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5B Night of the Notables - Tuesday 17 October 5:00 - 7:00pm

5R Night of the Notables - Wednesday 18 October 5:00 - 7:00pm

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Term Dates 2023 & 2024

Term 4: Monday 9 October - Friday 8 December 2023

Term 1: Wednesday 31 January - 28 March 2024

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School Canteen: Kingston's Kitchen

Our school canteen is only open on Mondays,

Wednesdays and Fridays.

Orders can be placed online via

before 9.00am or in person at the canteen.

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Please note that as this is a live calendar, dates and times may change occasionally.

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