December Update

Full Throttle!

Knights Respond to the Challenge!

Our Knights enthusiastically stepped up to Arlington County's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Literary and Visual Arts contest. Pondering Dr. King's statement, "We are not makers of history. We are made by history," they wrote and drew about what is meaningful to them, and how that topic has influenced their lives. One entry is featured on the Exemplary Project's Writing Quest page.

Finishing 2015 on Top!

Even with Winter Break in sight, the Ambassadors continue to go full throttle. They launched, "The Quick Six" series: six, thoughtful questions are crafted to allow their viewers a fresh perspective on the interviewee. Dr. McCormac was gracious enough to sit down for the inaugural interview. Additionally, a new book review was added to our WIki. Check out both videos now!

We wish everyone a joyful Winter Break.