Wanted Alive!!!

By: Brianna Wood

Alabama Red Bellied Sea Turtle

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  • Scientific name: Pseudemys alabamensis
  • Adult turtles are approximately 1 foot in length
  • Females are slightly larger with a carapace (upper shell) length reaching 13 inches.
  • Carapace color may be greenish to dark brown or black with yellowish, orangish or reddish vertical markings along the side.
  • The pastron (under shell) may be pale yellow to red with or without dark markings.
  • Colors and markings are usually more intense in young turtles.
  • The head, neck, and legs are marked with yellowish striping.
  • Males have elongated foreclaws.
  • A distinguishing characteristic of the Alabama Red Bellied Turtle is the presence of a tooth-like cusps on either side of the upper jaw.

Life History

  • Male and Female reach sexual maturity around 4-6 years of age.
  • Nesting occurs from May-July.
  • Female turtles leave their aquatic environment and venture onto dry land to lay their eggs.
  • Lifespan is unknown. Estimated to be 50 years.