Lago Vista Middle School


January 15th


Upcoming Events.....

Monday, January 18th -- Campus PD day -- Student Holiday (schedule below)

Tuesday, January 19th -- Week two video for digital citizenship after announcements. Tuesday, January 19th -- UIL Ready Writing Event

Wednesday, January 20th -- UIL Editorial Writing Event

Thursday, January 21st -- UIL Spelling Event

Thursday, January 21st -- Basketball vs. Gateway (Boys Home / NO Girls game)

Friday, January 22nd -- Academic UIL District Meet at Jarrell

Friday, January 22nd -- Early Release (12:30)

Thursday, January 28th -- Basketball vs. Comfort (Girls Away / Boys Home)

Thursday, February 4th -- Basketball vs. Florence (Girls Home / Boys Away)

This week's attendance rate...

Our LVMS campus goal is to reach 98%!!

This week's attendance rate = 95% (encourage our students to be here)

Teacher Attendance = 95%

Academic UIL Meet Friday, January 22nd.

I would like to encourage all staff to make an appearance at the UIL meet in Jarrell if at all possible next Friday. You have an early release already because of our team competing! It is a great experience to see our students be successful and they really appreciate your support!

Countdown to Repeat UIL Championship............ 7 Days!!

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Confidence is powerful...

Please touch base with all your team members prior to their competition day to give a few words of encouragement and ensure that they feel prepared! Thank you for all of you that have put in extra time to prepare our students. A special thank you to Kristin Elizondo for all her hard work getting our campus in a position to be successful this next week! You are awesome!

Academic UIL District Meet

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 12:45pm

101 East Avenue F

Jarrell, TX

Counselor's Couch...

We had our first digital citizenship lesson this week. Digital citizenship can be defined as your habits, actions, and patterns that have an impact on the online communities that you are part of, and the other people that are part of those communities. The students participated in the lesson to give examples of how to be a respectful, responsible digital citizen. The message to emphasize to students is to think before you post on social media. It’s a great idea to regularly monitor your child’s social media participation and familiarize yourself with the trends. It is an ever-changing presence in our students’ lives. The next lesson will take place next week, and will cover the details of responsible posting to avoid cyber-bullying.

Duty positions...

Just want to say that y'all are doing a great job of being at your duty stations this semester! Thank you! I know this is another thing that is asked of you, but supervising our students is job #1!!
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Please keep clean...

If you use a dish or something in the upper campus teacher's lounge, please clean it and put it away. The sink area is now clean. Let's keep it that way.
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Please review our dress code and keep consistently enforcing it...

Bleacher Report...

Thank you Coach Rogers and Tomlin for completing your write-ups this week!

8th grade boys basketball report!

The game this week was a tough one in Blanco. We won by 10 on the 8th grade A team. The kids played hard with amazing defense by Hunter Sims and Ben Carlton. Dillon McKee was the leading scorer with 14 points followed by Sam Hurley, which lead the team in assists. Tristan Arambula and Preston Coffee worked the ball down the court all night and lead the full court press. In the Fourth Quarter the team pulled together and won with the help of Josh Hernandez and Mason Hines. Great job 8thGrade A.

8th B team was a heart breaker at the end of regulation. The 8th grade B lost by 2 points in the last 10 seconds of the game. It was the second weeks in a row were we have lost by 2 or less points. Nathan cannon and Gonzo Hidalgo lead the team in points. Jack Stewart and Josh Wehner lead the team in Steals. Zack Johnson worked up and down the court to protect the basket. Everest Colvin made an impact on the court with rebounds and steals.

8th grade girls basketball report- January 11 vs. Blanco

The 8th grade girls basketball team hosted Blanco last Monday. The 8th grade B team outscored the Lady Panthers 10-2 in the first half. The majority of those points came from steals generated from the press of the Lady Vikings. Due to the fact that Lago played with the same 5 players for the entire game, we showed signs of fatigue. Blanco managed to outscore us 2-7 in the second half, but they were unable to score enough for the win. The Lady Vikings pulled off another district win, with the final score of 12-9. The offensive player of the game was Savanna Sleeper with 6 points scored, and the defensive player of the game was Destiny Deveze.

The 8th grade A game looked very similar to the previous game against Jarrell last Thursday night. Both teams played exceptionally well in the first half, but the Lady Vikings were on top of the Lady Panthers 16-11 at the halftime buzzer. Blanco took the lead at the end of the third quarter by 3 points, but Lago rallied back in the fourth. Down by two points, with 2 seconds left to go in the game, the Vikings sunk a shot from the three-point line, off the glass for the win. It was very exciting to see the girls continue to play hard and compete until the final buzzer. The final score of the game was 24-23, In favor of Lago Vista. The defensive player of this game was Itza Cantera, and our offensive player of the game was Mallory Webb, who shot the winning three-pointer, and who had 8 points on the evening.

We are proud of all of our teams and would like to thank all of those who supported our teams in the stands. Our next game will against Mason, at the Brady Middle School Basketball Tournament in Brady, TX, on Saturday, January 16, 2016. If you can make the trip, we would love to see you there. GO VIKINGS!

Need to be reminded of why we do this or need a pic me up???

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion
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