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Norfolk Jr. High

By Anthony Marino

Wicked Witch Cooks Kids for Dinner

It was reported by a reliable source that late in the morning on Tuesday January 16th, 2008, Hansel and Gretel were walking in the woods with their father.They walked for an hour and noticed the kids were separated from there father,not knowing where to go yonder.Hansel and Gretel were wandering around until they stumbled upon a great candy house.There was no one around the place, so they started to eat the place. About an hour later, a nasty old lady with an ugly face said, “I'm a witch!” And she claimed that this is her house. Hansel and Gretel were frightened that they were in trouble, but the witch said to keep eating the candy. Later on in the day, the witch told the to go in a pot, the kids realized that it was a trick, the witch was going to cook them.The witch showed them every pie with kids in them. Hansel and Gretel ran for their lives and the witch followed them into town.They went to the police department and made a complaint about a witch after them.The witch made a mistake of going into town, the police surrounded her and taized her.Hansel and Gretel went home and stayed at their home with their parents. Their parents were worried that they would be captured.The news was on the television about the witch capturing two kids, so she can cook them. The witch was forced to go to prison for life, so she would not hurt any children ever again. Hansel and Gretel were lucky to live and were on the news. Hansel and Gretel lived happily ever after.

This is the News reporter saying here,

Autobiography of Anthony Marino

A 40 year-old man named Anthony Marino was recognized as Nebraska’s best selling author in 2042,The Life of Anthony Marino.The book tells about his life as a young person through his years of fame and glory. Anthony Marino was a tall and mostly skinny person and was a black haired person. He had attended Norfolk Senior High School. He participated in The Norfolk Panthers Basketball program and Norfolk Senior High School Band and got better through the three years he’s been there. When he was in high-school, Anthony had taken a job as a waiter at Norfolk’s Valentino’s pizza. His actual first job was cleaning his house and getting paid,too. Anthony had graduated in the years of 2019-2020. He went to the University of Colorado in Denver to learn about the arts of painting,drawing,and gaming. Anthony had plans to have fame as an artist. He mentioned that he would not continue his career for life,and he will get a degree from college. Anthony was married at the age of twenty-one and had only four children. At the age of thirty, Anthony had been making new games for kids to play, and ten years later he had still been making games. At age forty, Anthony Marino is a professional artist in the country for face-making and sketching out new ideas. Anthony had been practicing his basketball skills at his own home. Anthony Marino had said that he will travel to Germany to learn about his mom’s family and he will travel to Mexico to learn about his Aztec ancestors.This has information about Anthony Marino’s life, maybe others should read it.

Endangered Tigers

Have you always had a favorite animal like a penguin, bear, cow, or anything you can think of, but you realize that they are endangered? There is one animal that I like, but is endangered,this animal is a tiger.Tigers are mainly the top predator in every ecosystem they can inhabit.Tigers are mostly native to Asia,from the closest regions to the steamy forests of the Indonesian islands.Until the 20th century, there were at least nine tiger species that would have numbered over 100,000 animals.Tigers have included the giant 660 pounded (330 kilo) Siberian and Caspian tigers. All tiger species put together currently amount to around 3,200 endangered tigers remaining in the wild.Fewer than 500 endangered Siberian,Amur tigers remain in the wild,all of them are in a small area of coastal Far-Eastern Russia.Tigers are threatened by poaching, habitat loss due to logging ,road building and development, as well as by the problem of inbreeding that has resulted from the fact that before conservation measures were implanted in the 1930's.The main reasons tigers are endangered is because in most cases they are illegally hunted for their pelts, meat and body parts as well as habitat loss that results from logging and other forms of forest destruction.There are fewer than 500 each of the endangered Malayan tigers native to the Malay Peninsula, and the endangered Sumatran tigers which are found only on the Indonesian island known as Sumatra. Population of all tiger species may be declined.Many tigers are found in Asia,but i know that there are also tigers in Africa,mostly. For what I know a female tiger is known as a tigress and a tiger is just called a tiger. Tigers like to hunt at night to search like elephants and other kinds of animals they like to eat.Tigers do have enemies like buffaloes,elephants,and bears during some days or nights maybe. Some tigers may be hunted down for maybe their fur or bones for usage of many things.Tigers mostly use their sharp claws to scratch their prey or food’s skin and eat the meat.Tigers mostly like fish, elephants, and other animals they would happily eat. During the cold weather, tigers may be pale and they might use their fur to be more warm.Tigers are part of the cat family because they mostly lick their little tigers and pur.Tigers play with each other by just jumping on each other and run freely.Tigers favorite animal to prey on is the elephant, it might be big, but they can still take it down.Tigers can be found in many circuses and shows anywhere, in North America, Asia, and other continents. If a tiger can’t find any food or water, they can die. Now you know why animals like these can be endangered from many things, maybe some of you can make a difference.

Despicable Me 2


The reason I like this movie is because I have the movie myself and there is a lot of funny things going on with all minion mayhem.

Despicable Me 2(made in 2013)is an animated comedy for every family to watch and laugh.This talks about a man named Gru(Steve Carell),who has given up evil and is a father now. He has met with a secret agent named Lucy Wild(Kristen Wiig) who takes Gru to the AVL(Anti-Villain-League) to help find a substance called the PX-41 serum before it goes to the wrong hands, which is located in a mall. With Gru working for AVL, Gru and Lucy must be partners to find the serum,until a man named Eduardo Perez(Benjamin Bratt) comes into where Gru and Lucy are at. When he leaves and comes back,Gru had noticed that he was a villain named El Macho(Benjamin Bratt) who thought he was dead. Later on,Gru kept convincing that this guy was El Macho, but Mr.RamsBottom(director of the AVL)never believed him,so Gru decided to work alone. Days later,Gru noticed that he had feelings for Lucy, but she was moving to Australia. Soon,Gru realized that some of his minions have gone missing. Later, Lucy decided to go back to Gru. Meanwhile,Gru found a secret lair and knew that Eduardo Perez was El Macho and saw that Dr.Nefario was working for him. El Macho showed Gru all his minions that were changed from the PX-41 sirum and said that he unleash them on the world. Gru had went home and Dr.Nefaria tells him that Lucy has been captured by El Macho. Now,Gru must save the entire world and save Lucy from danger. I would have to give Despicable Me 2 five stars.This film came out on July 3rd, 2013.When I just watch this movie,its just gives me laughter every time I see it.The little minions just always make me laugh when they are doing stupid things.

Despicable Me 2 | Minions Banana Song (2013) SNSD TTS

Argument:agree or disagree

I disagree that school should not be shorted because if I would have a basketball game at 4:30 PM and I got out at 5:00 PM,i would be late for the game.I disagree that school should have shortened days because If we got out of 5:00 PM, we wouldn't be able to stay after school to get help .I disagree with having shorten days because if our parents knew we would get out at 3:25 and it was two hours later,they would get mad at us. I disagree with having short days because if we wanted to hang out with our friends early and we get out at 5:00 PM,we wouldn't get to hang out with our friends,we would just work at home.

Jak 3

Jak3 is my favorite game because if I get bored,I can always count on my favorite video game that can cheer me up. Jak3 is a PlayStation 2 video game that contains many action and adventures through deserts and cities anywhere with one guy named Jak and one fur ball named Daxter.This game is really easy to beat. You just walk up to a person who needs help and you actually help them. You can drive rides anywhere, you can go for help only, go jetboarding,and flying through the sky.The game is like the Jak2 game, with weapons and devices,old characters return,new characters come in,and new enemies come in,including old enemies. In the game I play, old bosses come back for more and old allies too. Last thing about this awesome game is that you can get new upgrades and new special armor for your character.