Konya December 19-2017

Opening session - Game Prize - Three parallel workshops

Hackatour event is about innovation and new business models design in the tourism sector. It is a hybrid open format that mixes professional advice with fun in a programme complete with activities of all kind. This event is about promoting, sharing, networking, training for creative and sharing economy in the tourism sector. It involves education, the local tourism stakeholder map, and regional authorities.
What this event brings to light through a series of parallel sessions is the concept that the idea is not enough to succeed in entrepreneurship, you a need a team. You need to understand your client and how the client behaves in the tourism ecosystem.
The Hackatour event expect:
1.To explain the potential of cooperation among the tourism stakeholder
2.To explain the complexity of the digital business
3.To teach the experience of the sharing economy using a crowdfunding platforms
4.To show how Millenials and Z generations create their own jobs
5.How to generate Branding in tourism
6.To understand the 9 pillars of any new business model
7.How to use games for enhancing the visitor experience.
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Giving the prize to the mobile game designer

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Playing the ecosystem communication on new service design

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The workshop was run twice with different tourism institutions. The primary goal of the workshop was to understand the need for the shift from the egosystem to the ecosystem in the tourism stakeholder map. The tourist recognises his emotional experience as a whole involving all actors. The LEGO game showed the importance of communication and clustering the information.

Social media campaign

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