BCHS Staff Newsletter

February 7, 2016

Week in Review

I hope everyone enjoys a relaxing Super Bowl Sunday!

Challenge Day was a great experience for me, last week, and it is an amazing opportunity for our kids to get some things out (that they would otherwise bottle up and keep inside). Thank you to Sheryl and her "Team" for organizing this event for our students. Also, thank you to the staff that participated. Hopefully, we can see a change (for the better) in some of our students after going through this.

Great Job by Amy and the Student Council organizing Snocoming! Both assemblies were engaging and fun for our students and community members.

Saturday had a great turnout for the GTC Wrestling League Meet. We had 10 schools here participating. The event was very well organized and ran smoothly. Thank you to Jim, Michele, and Tony for putting on an excellent event for all of our league school and their athletes. Brad Gierman and Derick Daws both won their weight class to claim first team All GTC Honors. Jacob Martus took 3rd in his weight class to earn All GTC Honorable Mention.

Ryan Woods had his letter of intent signing on Friday to play baseball at Delta Community College. This was a very big day for Ryan and his family!


The STEM Fair is on Tuesday in the elementary. This is a great community event that brings a lot of parents and family members into the building. If you are around please stop by and see what the kids have been doing. Our Robotics Team will also be at this event sharing what they have been working on.

Friday PD

Just a reminder that Friday is a Professional Development day. I will be emailing out a link with the day's agenda.

Student Learning Objectives

I have these from most of you, and I will let you know if any changes are needed. If I haven't gotten yours, it was due last week, please get it to me in the next couple of days. If you used the "formula" of (Pretest divided by 2 and add that to pretest for growth target), I will forward you an excel file, created by Lori, to use. It will only work with those using that formula, and if you have questions see her or me.

I wanted the following by the end of last week:

  • Chapter/Unit you will be using
  • Template completed
  • Assessment (just pre-assessment due)
  • Main Standards in the unit/chapter

The following will be turned in after your pre-assessment

  • Spreadsheet with student names, pre-assessment score, student growth target
  • Brief analysis of how your lessons will be designed to meet the low areas of the pre-assessment

The following will be turned in after the post-assessment

  • Assessment
  • Same spreadsheet as before with final score and if student met their growth target


SLO Artifacts

January Incentive

Bob should have gotten you lists last week of kids missing work at end of semester, failed classes, and/or failed exams. He will be working this week to create the list of kids who qualify for the January Incentive. My plan is to have the incentive assembly the week of February 22nd. We will play "Family Feud" with the kids. My plan is to spend a few minutes on Friday creating categories (to be surveyed). We will do Junior High and High School students separate for this, and I would like to have a "Team" of 5 staff members to compete against the kids in each assembly. Let me know if you have any other ideas to help with this, or we can bring them up on Friday.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • February 8-11--M. Blake Bus Duty
  • February 8--Child Study Team Meeting @ 8:15 (Team members know who they are)
  • February 8--Student of the Week Rayba (12th)
  • February 9--STEM Fair in Elementary
  • February 10--Count Day
  • February 10--Directed Study 2nd Hour
  • February 12--Staff PD 8:00-3:00 (No Students)

  • February 15--No School Presidents' Day
  • February 16-19--L. Burkowski Bus Duty
  • February 16--Student of the Week Linck (Any Grade)
  • February 17--Direct Study 6th Hour

  • February 22-26--R. Cushion Bus Duty
  • February 22--Student of the Week Mata (7th)
  • February 24--Directed Study 3rd Hour
  • February 25--10th Grade Career Center Visit

Homework Help Lab

Homework Help Lab will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Please announce this schedule to your students.

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings in Lori's new room. 7:15-8:00 am

This will cause some students to be past the double doors, but Jesse is there monitoring this and will let them up if needed. Also, any other teachers that have students coming for help in the morning, just have them let Jesse know when they ask to go up early. This will not be an issue, and I encourage you to work with your struggling students.

Tuesday/Thursday Afternoons in Library. 3:15-4:00 pm

Jarrod will be running the morning sessions and Lou will be running the afternoon sessions. Any other teachers are also welcome to help with this. Thanks.

Magic Club--Tuesdays and Thursdays

Super Smash Bros Club--Fridays

Parting Toughts

I want all of you to know that I have been hearing a lot of positive feedback, regarding our building, around the community. Many parents have told me how happy and excited they are for the school year they are having. I have also gotten several compliments about the organization and attention to the "little details" of all of our events. It is not only parents, but also several of the local businesses and leaders of the community.

We have a great thing going here, and that is due to all the hard work each and everyone of us puts in. Your buy-in to some of the little changes, I have asked for, has paid huge dividends in perception.

The best quote I heard this past week was related to a local business owner asking a student what they thought of me (Mr. Kohler) and how high school is going:

The student said, "He's doing great, but the best part is that actually cares about us."

One thing I take great pride in, and Challenge Day reinforced this belief, is that we cannot view every as "Black and White". Each student comes in with circumstances and "baggage" that we couldn't even imagine having to go through. Just taking time to talk to and getting to know our students means the world to them. They look up to us, and will work their tails off for us if we treat them fair and let them know we care.

My challenge to you is this:

Take those kids you have trouble with (you know the ones), and instead of noticing all the little negatives about that kid, try to find the positives. Find what makes them tick, and use that to your advantage. There are several kids who visit my office for discipline reasons, and our talk is just about life and what's going on. Yes, they do receive their consequence, but that's secondary to trying to find out how I can help them improve their behavior or the situation they are in.