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Tina Smith - December 2019

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What A Welcome ~

Hi All,

I am excited to share some details of my first three months with NPPS with you all.

First of all, THANK YOU for being so kind, accepting, and, most of all, patient as we navigate the details of this new position.

Secondly, I would like to share my gratitude with each of you for allowing me to visit your schools, staff, and students. Each of these visits has been instrumental in understanding what needs we have for communications.

Third, the directors and executive team have made me feel so welcomed, and the fact that you all are willing to help me understand the needs and history of NPPS is more helpful than you can imagine.

Finally, the inclusion of conversations from each of you, our BOE, foundation, community, media, and supporters has assisted in my feelings of belonging to a fantastic team.

I appreciate each of you, the work you do, and the time you give our students, staff, families, and each other. YOU ARE AMAZING!

*Throughout this blog, you will find photos from articles I have shared, written, or promoted in some way — just a little reminder of the excellent work you and your staff are doing.

Welcome Center

Updates on the Welcome Center

In the past few weeks, we have increased conversations about our Welcome Center. This hasn't been a quick process, and honestly, we have not finalized any decisions about the center. As you will see, below, the input of you and your team has been and will continue to help develop a strong foundation for what is sure to be a needed update to serving our families.

To date, we/I have been involved or hosted the following conversations:

1. A general discussion with directors, AdCo, Building Administrative Assistants, and the Executive Team.

-These conversations have been to gain an understanding of the scope of the project, the needs of our families, technology, facilities, and process. These conversations were also to ask for building level input and to inform the teams that I would be reaching out to various people as we develop this exciting new Welcome Center.

2. I visited with Lexington Public Schools to gain an understanding of how different districts host their Welcome Center. Additionally, Dr. Hanson, Stuart, and Kevin have all shared insight about other districts. These conversations have helped guide the direction of some of our thoughts.

3. Most recently, I met with several building administrative assistants to gain a better understanding of what each academic level faces when registering students. This group offered valuable insight into the needs of each level. We have also developed a shared drive to share documents easily.

4. This week I met with the Executive Team to discuss the location of the Welcome Center. We shared our thoughts with the Directors, and I hope to share this information with AdCo soon.

5. My next step is to form a committee, consisting of at least each grade level academic building, IT, Directors, Administrators, Maintenance, Staff, and Supporters. If you or someone you would recommend would like to join, please let me know.

*It is essential for me to share that there is so much more work that will go into our Welcome Center with many more hours of thought, conversations, and welcomed input from anyone wishing to assist.

Join Us

Another big project I have been working with our team on is the Safety and Security Initiative. We invite you to join us at any or all of the Open Forums to learn more about this initiative, dates, times, and locations below.

You can also check out the most up to date information about the initiative on our website @

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