Kindergarten "Hoppenings"

Ms. Williams' class November 13, 2015

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • November 13th - Report Cards open in Parent Portal
  • November 14th - Girls' Geek Day at Baker-Butler ES
  • November 17th - Sal's Pizza Night
  • November 19th - Picture Make-Up/Retakes Day
  • November 25th - 29th - Thanksgiving Holiday (No school)

We are enjoying the fall weather and leaves!


This morning we starting out with a school wide pep rally, to get us excited about reading everyday. It was fun to see all the students and faculty wearing their red, cheering and excited about reading. Ms. Crummie enjoyed reading books selected by the different classrooms. We picked the book Waiting is Hard by Mo Willems, one of our favorite authors!


We have starting learning about Native Americans, Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving this week. We watched a Brianpop Jr. video that explained how Thanksgiving originated. Please look at the end of the newsletter, in the website section, to see how to access Brainpop jr. from home! We have also been discussing what we are thankful for and the reasons we celebrate Thanksgiving.


Today we learned about Veteran's day and why we celebrate this on November 11th. We read a Let's Find Out magazine and explored the website to learn even more about veterans and the different branches of the military. See below in the website section to access this resource at home!. Also Mrs. Scanlan, an assistant in our classroom, shared about her experience in the Army and showed the children pictures from her time in Iraq. Thank you to Mrs. Scanlan and the other men and women in our military.


The children enjoyed reading Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy. This is a great book that introduces the students to the idea of measurement, the different things we measure and the tools we use. They then explored measurement tools, such as a ruler, tape measurer, balance scale and clocks. We will practice using these tools more next week.


Today we used the balanced scale to measure different items using our counting bears. We had to decide what size bear (small, medium, large) to use when measuring so we could get our scale to balance. The students discovered that the heavier the item the more bears it took to balance the scale.

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