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Heey Guys,

This is a news update from AIESEC in Chapecó, so you can know about what we're doing in iGCDP and in our Committe. And also for you to know more about us, so we can rock this peak together!!!


We ♥ iGCDP

With the new elected board in the year of 2016, the respective responsible area for the committee work also recieved brave people who challenged themselves to be part of the body of managers and coordinators. The area responsible for bringing exchange students to the city of Chapecó, had as elected his Vice President: Felipe Antonio Primon de Barros, also including the intake of 3 new Project Managers, them beeing: Daniel Zatti (TALK Project), Mateuz Zuffo (GAIA Project) and Suemi Yamakawa (Gira Mundo Project).

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The PLAN is one of the conferences of biggest importance to the committee. The objective of the conference is to realize the planning, ways to manage and lead the committee in all the first semester of 2016, besides welcoming the new members who joined the organization. The AIESEC Chapecó's PLAN happened in the days 30 and 31 of January.

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Gira Mundo Project

Gira Mundo is a social project that seeks an environment of inclusive education through actions of culture, information and fun. It works with kids and teenagers in NGOs to give them a higher world awareness and an environment of discussion global issues. The project runs for 6 to 8 weeks and has four axes (Cultural Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Citizenship) that will be used during the project. We provide one meal at the NGO.

Gaia Project

Gaia is an environmental education project that works with children from poor communities in Chapecó. The project is developed in NGOs and helps children to understand about taking care of our planet and the importance of evaluate how our habits directly impact the environment we live using the methodology of the 4Rs (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). The project will run in 6 weeks to 8 weeks. We provide one meal at the NGO.

Talk Project

Talk project contributes to the development of key elements in the formation of youth during their graduation, acting through workshops, debates, discussions, featuring international action to promote global vision. With its methodology developed by exchange students from over 125 countries, this AIESEC's project aims to expand the global vision and make the youth voice increasingly relevant to changes in society.