Ayn Rand

A small summary.

Early life

She was born on February 2nd 1905. She was born in St. Petersburg Russia, to Anna Kaplan and Zinovy Rosenbaum. At the age of 6 she taught herself how to read. At the age of 9 she decided she wanted to be a writer. She started actually writing books by the time she was 10. Her way of thinking started to show at a young age through the February revolution. She went to a university at the age of 16 and learned a lot about politics, history, and writing.

Later life

In 1926 she visited America to see some family members and then decided that she wanted to stay in America. She eventually moved to Hollywood to become a screenwriter and after a lucky meeting wit Cecil B. DeMille, she became an extra in the movie The King of Kings. During this time she also met an aspiring actor named Frank O'Conner who later became her husband. And in 1931 she became a US citizen.

During this time she had also been writing books. The first one that really took off for her was The Fountainhead. The book was rejected by 12 different publishers before it finally was published. Another famous book that she wrote is called Atlas Shrugged.


Ayn Rand believed that peoples main goal in life was their own happiness. She believed that humans were a heroic being, that productive achievement was the noblest achievement, and that reason be their absolute. She was also a pronounced atheist because of these philosophies as well. So these are the things that made her so controversial. I personally disagree with most of her philosophies. It is a little crazy just to be that selfish all the time and not worry about anyone but yourself. I think that her idea is probably pretty popular with people who are already successful and in a place of power.