New Alien Creature Discovered!

Horse-like alien found on the moon Pandora

A Startling DIscovery

Dr. Grace Augustine, who is the xenobotanist in charge of the newly founded Avatar program, discovered the Direhorse feeding while she testing experiments on the native flora. The Direhorse is slightly larger than earth-based horses. It is has blue and gray hair-less skin with thicker armor-like skin on their back. The Direhorse has a long neck with a sail and a small narrow head. Attached to their head, they have two antennae called neuro whips that they use for pleasure and to exchange information

What's for Dinner?

The Direhorse breathes through lines of operculi down its neck. Operculi are nostril-like openings that were developed to allow more air intake. It is a heterotroph which means they receive their energy from other organisms. Our horses are herbivores, while the Direhorse is a nectarivore, which means it feeds on the nectar produced in flowering plants.