Surface & Lateral Surface Area

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Surface Area

Surface Area is the total area of the surface of a three dimensional object.


When finding the surface area of a prism you first have to write out the formula.

prism= S=Ph

  1. S=Ph+2B
  2. S=(4+4+10+10)8+2*40
  3. S=28*8+80
  4. S=224+80
  5. S=304

Our Shapes & Formulas

How to Solve for Each Shape




  1. S=2*3.14rh+2*3.14r2
  2. S=2*3.14*3*8+2*3.14*3squared
  3. S=6.28*3*8+6.28*27
  4. S=18.84*8+170.55
  5. S=150.72+170.55
  6. S=321.27

Lateral Surface Area

What is Lateral Surface Area

Lateral Surface Area in a solid is the sum of the surface areas of all its faces excluding the base('s) of the solid.

How to Solve for Each Shape


  1. S=Ph
  2. S=(4+4+10+10)8
  3. S=(28)8
  4. S=224


  1. S=1/2Pl
  2. S=1/2(4+4+10+10)10
  3. S=1/2(28)10
  4. S=1/2(280)
  5. S=140


  1. S=2*3.14*r*h
  2. S=6.28*r*h
  3. S=6.28*3*8
  4. S=18.84*8
  5. S=150.72

STAAR Question

Alina's class is making shapes and then having to find the surface area of their shape.

If Alina's shape dimension's are 4*6*8 what is the surface area of her rectangular prism?