Deputy Director

Jacob Smith

Job Description

As Deputy Director you need to report to director of UCO ( University of California Observatories) in planning for scientific projects. Supervise staff. Work with director and assistant during operations.


Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 12am

Santa Cruz, CA, United States

Santa Cruz, CA

Min= $55,000 Med= $104,000 Max= $178,000

Human Resouces Director

University of California Observatories 95064

(831) 459-4300

Cost of Living

Median Rental value= $1,463

Water Bill= $40

Electricity= $150

Trash/Sewage= $150

Gas= $2.80 per gallon

Groceries= $250

Phone= $100

Amenities= $150

Car Payment= $479

Student Loans= $49,714.66