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The long-term family rivals of Montague and Capulet took their bitter feud a step further yesterday evening in their fourth dramatic brawl for sweet revenge. Mercutio Escalus and Tybalt Capulet lost their young lives, leaving blood on the civil hands of Romeo and Tybalt. Now, with more tension than ever, the dark mark of death looms over the two households.

What happens next?

Now, with Tybalt and Mercutio stolen by death, and Romeo never to be seen in Verona again, the two families put their patience to the test. Will there be a duel of a lifetime? Will the loss of two influential young men bring a cold realisation to both parties? Will this ancient grudge ever end? The answers to those questions will only be answered over time and all we can do is wait. Please pay your respects to the families if the chance is available.

May the dead rest in peace.

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